STEM Success = The Best Robots and Kits + Great Curricula + PD + Teacher Support.

Robots paired with STEAM curriculum engages students. What a great way to increase Math, Science, and ELA test scores, introduce coding and engineering concepts, and increase attendance! .Learn More


STEAM Lessons Aligned to Standards

We make it easy to teach STEAM with fun educational robots in the classroom.  Cross-curriculum lessons are aligned to Math, ELA, NGSS, CSTA and other standards .Learn More

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Amazing new Modular AirBlock Drone!

Build a drone and hovercraft from same kit. Use on land, sea, and air. Rugged and programmable. Build it. Code it. Fly it. Indoor-friendly. For ages 8+. Excellent for Middle School physical science. Learn More  or See in Store



Inventing and Making

Join the Maker movement with Raspberry Pi and easy to use plug-in sensors with GrovePi kit. Students design and invent with self-paced online lessons and Scratch Coding. Includes the Engineering Design process and NGSS standards. Easy to use kits, online curriculum, PLUS Teacher PD and Support!
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Prepare Students for Smart Technology Careers

Our K-12 Pathway prepares students to be the technicians and engineers who are inventing and supporting the Smart devices, robots, and technology of the future.
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Elementary (Grades K-5)

Explore coding, engineering, and problem solving with fun robots and STEAM curriculum. 
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High (Grades 9-12)

Engage students with coding, electronics, and engineering. STEM combined with real job skills.
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Middle (Grades 6-8)

Activate learning with fun robots, curriculum, and hands-on activities for STEAM programs.
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Home School & Self-Study

Robots with self-paced lessons for coding, mechatronics, electronics, and engineering self-study.
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STEAM, Robotics, and Coding Curriculum

Easy to implement in your class.... and we provide teacher professional development and support!!!

Our goal is simple: To create teaching and learning success stories, one student at a time.

Students love robots, so why not use them to engage students while teaching STEAM topics? We know teachers are busy and often don't have time to learn about robots and engineering while planning STEM or STEAM lessons. That's why we created curricula with robot kits to help teach STEM topics like Coding, Math, Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Physical Science, Computer Science, Electronics, and Mechatronics. And we address the A in STEAM by including drawing, music, writing, and other arts.

Teachers can now use robots to engage students in coding. With every robot package we provide lessons to teach coding - Blockly, Scratch, Python, Basic, C, or Java.  Students start learning sequence, events, and control with loops as early as 2nd grade and progress through each grade to learn more complex coding methods. By the time they graduate high school they are ready to apply skills to a job or progress into Computer Science, Engineering, or other STEM programs at a college or University.

Our comprehensive curriculum makes it easier to teach coding and STEAM topics and comes with:


Modular online lessons (20-55 minutes)


Enrichment activities


Hands-on Project based robot activities with rugged robots


Web links and Interactive Learning


Student e-books (printable or view on tablets)


Simulations and Animations


Worksheets for each lesson (Word docs)


Flexible Lesson Plans and printed Teacher Guides


Engaging content-rich videos explain science, robotics and engineering concepts 


Teamwork projects - 2 or 3 students work together


Step by step instruction with 3D models, animations, and color graphics


Cross-curricula writing and communication assignments


Grading Rubrics and Assessments tied to objectives


Engineering concepts 


Quiz questions and answer keys


Career exploration videos and assignments

dot Standards - CC, STEM, CTE, ISTE, CSTA    


See the Top 10 Reasons Why Administrators, Teachers and Students love Exploring Robotics (printable brochure).

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