Elementary Robotics and STEAM Curriculum for K-5

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Exploring Robotics with Cubelets

STEAM curriculum and robot kits (self-contained cubes that snap together with magnets to create bots) are great for maker-spaces, libraries, after school programs, camp projects, home schools, and any learning environment that requires fast paced, easy to grasp concepts learning.  Elementary students love to use cubelets with legos. No tablets or other devices are required, making this easy to implement in any environment.

Cubelets activities introduce and reinforce many STEAM lessons for grades k-5. Teach with cubes that make many different robots that move, sense, think, and communicate. Any student will be engaged to pick them up and snap them together to see what happens and what they can create. These are very rugged self-contained smart cubes that can be used in multiple classes year after year: making them exceptionally cost effective. Challenges are provided where students create a robot and then draw and write to explain what they have built - incorporating ELA and engineering into the lessons. Elementary robotics curriculum makes it easy to begin introducing NGSS engineering concepts even in Kindergarten, 1st grade, or 2nd grade. 



Dash and Dot


Exploring Robotics with Dash and Dot

Teach STEAM topics with these incredibly cute and engagingly animated character robots that make fun sounds, say the cutest things like "Whee", and "I see you", flash lights, change colors of lights, follow a path, avoid obstacles, and more.  Students first use the Tablet Apps and then use Blockly code to control the robot.

The curriculum is great for introducing students to a variety of concepts, and engaging students in Math, Science, and ELA topics. Lessons for grades k-5 are adaptable to different age groups.  The Apps make it easy to get started and excel through lessons and to grasp coding and engineering concepts. These adorable robots are rugged and can be used in multiple classes year after year: making them a wonderful value. 





Exploring Robotics with Ozobot

STEAM curriculum and Ozobot robot kits are great to introduce students to technology-such as coding, critical thinking, problem solving, and algorithms. This curriculum provides a great introduction to coding using a graphic Blockly language.

Students can pick-up a marker and go. They play games, make puzzles and use the Apps to engage with these fun robots with sensors that detect colored lines and patterns.  Ozobots are so small and yet powerful learning tools for teaching fractions, number lines, coordinate systems, and many other math concepts.  Students also use them to tell stories and imagine all types of scenarios where the Ozobots travel and discover the world.

Use the curriculum to teach STEAM and Coding concepts with Ozobot robots that use a visual drag and drop coding tool or markers to program them.  These tiny titans can be used in multiple classrooms or makerspaces, and they are very affordable. 

 SHK Reskin wBits HR

littleBits STEAM

Exploring Inventions with littleBits STEAM

littleBits STEAM education kits are an easy way to bring invention and electronics to your classroom or makerspace. No tablets or other devices are required, making this great for any environment.  The color-coded pieces snap together with magnets to form circuits that control all kinds of devices. Students explore engineering design principles by building fun self driving vehicles, art machines, security devices, Rube Goldberg machines, and much more! They will keep coming back to discover what else they can invent with these easy to use components. 

 GoPiGo with Servo and Ultrasonic facing



Exploring Robotics with GoPiGo: Scratch and Pi

GoPiGo is a fun robot that is easy to assemble and control with Scratch coding on a Raspberry Pi computer. The "missions" challenge students to problem solve and apply Math, ELA, and Science to complete.  Fun projects include an obstacle course, creating a robotic dog as a service animal, designing a smart car, fetching and deliverying cookies, and much more!   The curriculum provides a great introduction to coding using a graphic Blockly language.



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