Teaching with robots is fun for teachers

Even if you have no prior knowledge, you can teach coding, STEM, and robotics! 

Our technology-savvy Instructors have an enthusiasm that is infectious and they will have any teacher who wants to learn, teaching and loving STEM with robots and coding in just one session. They make sure that teachers are successful and help with the hard stuff: getting started, setting up technology, lesson plans to fit schedules, and coding. They also coordinate with the school IT department to set up applications and network access with Tablets, ChromeBooks, or laptop devices.

The personalized video conference professional development sessions can be set up as 1 hour, 90 minutes, or 2 hours and easily fit into teacher's schedules.  There are additional videos and step-by-step instructions online.  After-PD support is also provided throughout the term. Our instructors have even teleconferenced into classrooms and helped teachers out with the first day of class!

Teachers enjoy learning about the robots and how they can facilitate the class with the online lessons which are pre-built for student self-paced learning.  The Exploring Robotics Curriculum is standards-based and scaffolds from easy to more complex topics.  Created by teachers for teachers, the lessons are well-planned and comprehensive.  There are step-by-step instructions and videos for students to use to learn coding and robotics concepts.  

Exploring Robotics Professional Development includes:

  • Hands-on instruction: getting comfortable with the robots and accessories.
  • Classroom setup and time management
  • All the equipment and materials needed for success
  • Review of lessons and integration with class schedules and plans
  • Programming (coding) concepts and integration with Hour of Code.
  • Review of Curriculum:  lesson plans, online lessons, hands-on activities, videos, assessments, and handouts.
  • Project Based Learning (PBL) and STEM teaching methods
  • Soft skills that teachers will need to help students master: problem solving, communication, self-motivation, leadership, responsibility, teamwork, time management, and conflict resolution.

lesson plans and aims

Teachers find that behavior issues dissappear when minds are occupied with problem solving.

Teachers: from day one, we are here for you and will check in on you and ensure you have what you need for success.  Both teachers and students will learn so much more than how to build a robot!

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