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ARX Asuro Robot Class Pack for 30 Students

ARX Asuro Robot Class Pack for 30 Students
ARX Asuro Robot Class Pack for 30 Students ARX Asuro Robot Class Pack for 30 Students
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ER ASURO Class Lab Pack for 30 Students


  • 31 ARX ASURO robots (1 for teacher)
  • 124 AAA rechargeable batteries
  • 31 Flashing LED solder kits
  •  Use this robot to learn soldering, DC electronics principles, microcontrollers, and C coding.

Note: Robots require windows PC computer for programming

Students solder robots and take them home.  This product cannot be reused each term.


Robot Features:

  • Autonomous - Touch, light and infrared sensors let the robot navigate on its own.
  • Battery Powered - Uses 4 AAA Batteries for safe power with easy access to remove for recharging (batteries not included)
  • Beginning to Intermediate level -  Helpful to have some electronics and programming experience, but not required. 
  • Circuit Buildable - Kit includes resistors, transistors, capacitors, LEDs, linear voltage regulator, wires, and all the parts needed to build project circuits
  • Communicable - LED lights,  phototransistors, and infrared emitter/receiver pairs provide fun methods of sending and receiving feedback
  • Connectable – IR or Bluetooth connection to PC for programming
  • Controllable - Can use a standard remote control with infrared receiver to control movements (not included in kit) or add a Bluetooth module and control movements with a smartphone.
  • Expandable - Additional sensors and hardware expansion kits are available to add additional challenges
  • Fast – PCB board with electronic parts used for body of robo, making it light weight. Rugged wheels and motors for accurate control and fast speeds.
  • Fun - Follow lines, Navigate a room or a maze, Flash lights, and much more!
  • Open platform - Exposed circuitry  to learn electronic concepts and create circuits using first a breadboard and then soldering onto a PCB board
  • Programmable - C language programming tutorials included to program the microcontroller
  • Solderable – Prototype 8 systems by creating circuits on the breadboard and then learn soldering and solder the circuits onto the PCB board.
  • Understandable - Included text provides easy-to-follow tutorials with diagrams and schematics.  Curriculum includes 3D models with step by step instructions.  


size and weight: 117 x 122 x 45 mm 165 g
Battery type: 4 x AAA batteries (not included) Supply Current: Min 10mA, Max 600mA
Processor 8kb in-system programmable flash

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