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Boe-Bot Robots and Accessories (Grades 8-12)

Boe-Bot Robots and Accessories (Grades 8-12)

Build a rolling personal robot and control it with a microcontroller brain. Keep students engaged while learning electronics concepts with the LEDs, resistors, capacitors, and other electronic parts which come with this kit. Students learn about and build circuits on the solderless breadboard and use Basic programming language to control the robot.

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130 Pc Tool Set with Case
Electronics and other Hand Tools with Storage Case  Use hand tools with special student engi..
4pk  AA 2600mAh NiMH Rechargable Batteries
4 pack of AA 2600mAh NiMH Rechargable Batteries.   For use with Boe-Bot or Scribbler Robots. ..
Boe-Bot and BOE Shield-Bot Teacher Toolkit
These handy tools are great for classroom teachers to use to help students debug issues as they aris..
Boe-Bot and Shield-Bot Refresher Pack
Missing a few electronic parts for your Boe-Bot or Shield-Bot robot? Grab this refresher pack. It's ..
Boe-Bot Curriculum: Robot Activities - Single Teacher License
For those who already have a Boe-Bot and would like lessons to help explain how to put it together a..
Boe-Bot Hardware Refresher Pack
Does your robot have a screw loose? Have a replacement ready using the Small Robot Hardware Pack! Th..
Boe-Bot Robot Kit USB
One Boe-Bot Robot - bundles are also available.  This robot is capable of line following, roami..
Boe-Bot Storage Box
Storage Case for Boe-Bot. This compact toolbox has easy-access compartments on top for small el..
Line Following Tape
This black masking tape can be applied to many surfaces; its opaque nature and matte finish help lin..
Remote Control
This is the controller that is used in the IR Remote for the Boe-Bot and BOE Shield-Bot. It is a 3 b..
Boe-Bot Engineering Curriculum Lab License (whole school)
Boe-Bot Engineering Expansion Curriculum Lab License - Take BoeBot to the next level with engineerin..
$1,200.00 $984.00
Boe-Bot Engineering Single User Curriculum
Boe-Bot Engineering Expansion Curriculum Individual Teacher License - Take BoeBot to the next level ..

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