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Bolide Class 8 Pack

Bolide Class 8 Pack
Bolide Class 8 Pack Bolide Class 8 Pack Bolide Class 8 Pack Bolide Class 8 Pack Bolide Class 8 Pack Bolide Class 8 Pack Bolide Class 8 Pack
Brand: XYZRobot
Product Code: XYZ-Bol-DIY-8Pack
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Price: $5,160.00
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ER Bolide Club 4 pack (for 4 to 16 students) - 4 XyZ Bolide Humanoid Robots(Unassembled DIY Kit), Batteries, Remote Control, and Accessories

Affordable, fully functional humanoid robot looks like Voltron!  Ships fully pre-assembled, ready to use. (See other packages for a semi-assembled or DIY unassembled model). This is great for those who want to concentrate on the robot movements and coding and want a fully functional robot right out of the box.  

Students love how Bolide has martial arts moves, dances, flashes lights, plays music, and picks itself up when it falls. Students control the robot’s movements by using the included joy stick, the motion editor software, or by moving the parts and creating a motion script, or using Python or C programming languages. Also use a remote control with joy-stick or Apps on Tablets and Smart Phones via Blue-tooth.

This robot stands 16 inches tall and weighs 10 pounds, and comes in a box with handles. 

Possibilities are endless with the XYZrobot Bolide Humanoid Robot kit (Assembled). Bolide Y-01's built-in accelerometers and IR sensor provide postural stability and alert Bolide Y-01 to objects in its path.

  • Built-in accelerometers monitor position and help detect falls
  • IR sensor detects objects at different distances
  • The robot has 18 degrees of freedom and 330 degrees of effective position control.
  •  Mimics human movements using 18 smart servos with a high torque ratio (max. torque 25kg-cm).

Includes: Adapter, USB cable, 3-cell battery, battery charger, 3 AAA batteries, power cable, PCBA, screw driver and screws, brackets, remote control, AI motors (servo motors) and cases.

Qty Discounts are available for 5 to 25 and greater than 25 robots. Ask for a quote.

See more about this robot.

Bolide Software Support Kit includes: ArduinoSetting: Setup the Arduino environment for Bolide Y-01 A1_18_ID_Setting_v1.0: Set A1-18 motor ID Bolide_Y-01_Default_v1.1: Default firmware for Bolide Y-01 Bolide_Y-01_UserMotion_v1.0: Firmware for controlling user’s motions XYZrobot_Editor_Driver_v1.0: XYZrobot Editor driver
Operating System
Operating System: Windows 7 or later. Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 Mac OS X 10.8 or later Arduino IDE 1.0.6
Specifications: Servo motor: XYZ A1-16 Motor x 18pcs Torque: 16cm at 12V Main controller: ATmega 1280 Dimension 16.02"H x 5.55"W x 9.06"D (407 x 141 x 230 mm) Weight: 5.18 lbs. (2.35 kgw) Sensors: G-sensor, DMS Remote Control: Bluetooth 4.0/Bluetooth 4.1 stack Programming Key: 4 Buttons AC Adapter: 12V, 7.5A Motion-editing Software: XYZrobot Editor 1.0 Speaker: 2W Chest LED Module Colo: R, G, B Eyes LED Color: G, B

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