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Quick Pick Packages

Quick Pick Packages

Robot Quick Pick Packages for Teachers and Admin.

Our most commonly purchased robots - quick picks for teachers. Packages under $2,500 are ready to go and easy to buy with a credit card, or a PO.

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BOE Shield-Bot Robot Kit - Bundle of 5 Robots
Bundle of 5 BOE Shield-Bot Robots.  Our very popular Robotics Shield Kit is a complete package..
Boe-Bot Engineering Kit 5 Pack Bundle
Boe Bot Engineering Expansion Kit for After School or Robot Club - 5 Kits.  Includes 5 Bo..
Boe-Bot Robot Kit USB - Club Pack 5 Robots
Club Package: 5 Boe-Bot Robots with 5 Accessory Packs.  The Boe-Bot Robot is built on a high-q..
Cubelets Bundle - Twelve Kit with Curriculum
Cubelets Twelve Kit with Curriculum for Grades K-5 for teacher trial or Home Schools. Cubelets ..
Dash with Curriculum Bundle
Dash Robot with Curric. License for Grades K-5 at 25% Discount. Great for homeschools or for Teache..
littleBits Code Kit
LittleBits Code Kit is Easy to teach coding while students invent, Fun & engaging for stude..
littleBits Code Kit Class 6 Pack 18 Students
Class Pack of 6 Code Kits.  For Grades 6-8. Ages:8+  For 6 to 18 students in a class ..
LittleBits STEAM Student Set
This littleBits STEAM education kit is a great way to engage students in inventing and engineering c..
Ozobot EVO Class 15 Pack
Exploring Robotics Ozobot EVO Classroom 15 Pack (for 15 to 30 students). For Elementary-Middle Grade..
Scribbler Bundle - Robot and Single User Curriculum
Scribbler S3 Robot with single user Curriculum license Bundle at 25% discount for a teacher evaluati..
Scribbler Classroom 10 Pack
For a class of 10 to 20 students, Grades 6-8 (Middle School). Everything needed to teach coding, mat..
Dash and Dot - Club Pack
Dash and Dot Club 2 Pack for Grades K-5 Get your club off the ground with the Dash Club 2 Pack..
LittleBits STEAM Education Class 8 Pack
LittleBits STEAM Education Class 8 Pack (for 8 to 24 students Grades 5-7). This pack includes 8 Stea..
Cubelet Mini Makers Pack
Cubelets Mini Makers Pack for Grades K-5 Cubelets Mini Makers Pack (for 6 teams: 6 to 12 students)...
Dash and Dot Wonder Pack
Dash and Dot Robot - Wonder Pack  Get started with a new and improved Wonder Pack, which inclu..

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