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Dash - Dot Packages (Grades K-5)

Dash - Dot Packages (Grades K-5)

Cute robots to engage students in Math, Science, and ELA lessons while introducing coding with a graphic language on tablets.  Teachers recommend teams of 2, but if budgets are tight, some have managed 3 students per robot. Students can work with individual tablets or share a tablet with the team. Each robot is named, and the tablet connects to the robot with a particular name..  Read more 


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Dash and Dot Class - Tech Center Pack
Dash and Dot Tech Center 12 Pack (for 12 to 36 Students Grades K-5) Dash is an enthusiastic robot t..
Dash and Dot Class 10 Pack
Dash and Dot Class 10 Pack (for 10 to 30 Students Grades K-5) Teach STEAM topics with these incredi..
Dash and Dot Class 6 Pack
Dash and Dot Classroom 6 Pack (for 6 to 18 Students Grades K-5) Teach STEAM topics with these incre..
Dash with Curriculum Bundle
Dash Robot with Curric. License for Grades K-5 at 25% Discount. Great for homeschools or for Teache..
Dash-Dot Teacher Professional Development
Interactive one-on-one professional development for teachers via video conference.  Also provid..
Dot Creativity Kit
Dot is a clever little robot with multiple sensors and a quirky personality that powers the Do-It-Yo..
Dash and Dot - Club Pack
Dash and Dot Club 2 Pack for Grades K-5 Get your club off the ground with the Dash Club 2 Pack..
Dash and Dot Wonder Pack with Curriculum
Dash Wonder Pack with Curriculum Bundle (for teacher trial) at 25% discount. Includes Dash Wonder Pa..
Dash Robot
  Playtime just got a whole lot smarter. Dash is a smart robot, an explorer who loves to go on..
Dash and Dot Curriculum - Individual Teacher License
Dash and Dot Curriculum - Individual Teacher License This online curriculum with a printed teacher ..
Dash and Dot Wonder Pack
Dash and Dot Robot - Wonder Pack  Get started with a new and improved Wonder Pack, which inclu..
Dash Launcher
Launcher accessory turns Dash into a ball launching machine.  The launcher easily snaps on to D..
Dash's Accessories
Give Dash & Dot new abilities and looks by adding accessories! This package includes:   ..
Dash's Xylophone
Everything you need to turn Dash into a Beethoven while you learn to program with music. Mallet acce..

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