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Cubelets Lego Brick Adapter 4-Pack

Cubelets Lego Brick Adapter 4-Pack
Product Code: ER-Cube-BrickAdapter
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Price: $11.50
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Use these little yellow adapters to connect CUBELETS and LEGO® bricks!
Brick Adapters come in packs of 4: 2 adapters with studs and 2 adapters with sockets. They're more than just simple plates with a connector on each side; we took the time to get them just right. You'll notice that the brick faces aren't centered on the Cubelets face, that's because the Cubelet-to-Cubelet distance isn't a perfect multiple of the stud-to-stud distance on a brick. The offset on the Brick Adapters lets you flip two adjacent Adapters around so that a giant LEGO® piece or base plate can span two Cubelets perfectly.

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