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Home School High School Packages (grades 9-12)

Home School High School Packages (grades 9-12)

Robot Packages and Curriculum for High School home study and self-study students.   We HIGHLY recommend the curriculum for all home school students. The curriculum is really important for the robotics program for the students. Without it, it's just a kit and the parents have to figure out how to guide the students though the program, what activities to complete and what lessons to teach the students. We have bundles of the robot with the curriculum, for additional savings.

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Boe-Bot kit, Full Curriculum, and Accessories Single Package
 Boe-Bot Robot with Exploring Robotics Single Teacher License Self-paced Curriculum packa..
ARX Asuro Single Bundle - Robot and Curriculum
ARX ASURO Robot and Single Teacher Curriculum License for Grades 9-12.   A fun way to learn el..
Boe-Bot Single Bundle - Robot with Activities Curriculum
Boe-Bot Robot Kit with Activities Single Teacher Curriculum License for Grades 8-10. The lessons pr..
$310.00 $295.00
LittleBits Smart Home Kit and Accessories
Get ready to transform any object in your home into a smart device. This kit has everything you need..
LittleBits Synth Kit
Both kids and professional musicians can explore the science of sound, make sweet beats and create i..
Boe-Bot Engineering Expansion Single Bundle with Curriculum
This is an add-on engineering kit for Boe-Bot with lessons on how to put the parts together and prog..
Boe-Bot Engineering Expansion Single Package
Boe-Bot Engineering Expansion Single Package Take Boe-Bot to the next level with engineering and pr..
12-Bay AA/AAA NiMH/NICD LCD Smart Battery Charger
12-Bay AA/AAA NiMH/NICD LCD Smart Battery Charger Features and Benefits: 12 channels PWM switc..
ARX Asuro Electronics Toolkit
ER ASURO Electronic Toolkit  Includes all the tools needed to assemble and solder the ARX ASUR..
ARX Asuro Robot
ARX ASURO robot kits Comes with ARX ASURO robot kit, 4 AAA rechargeable robots, and flashing LED ki..
$110.00 $100.00
Boe-Bot Curriculum: Robot Activities - Single Teacher License
For those who already have a Boe-Bot and would like lessons to help explain how to put it together a..
Boe-Bot Hardware Refresher Pack
Does your robot have a screw loose? Have a replacement ready using the Small Robot Hardware Pack! Th..
Boe-Bot Refresher Packs - Spare Electronic Parts
The Boe-Bot Refresher Pack provides spare parts. It's is the same bag of electronic parts that ships..
Boe-Bot Robot Kit USB
One Boe-Bot Robot - bundles are also available.  This robot is capable of line following, roami..
Boe-Bot Robot kit with Accessories
A  single Boe-Bot Robot Kit with USB cable to connect to PC computer. Accessories: 4 AA rechar..

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