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STEM Application with Robots

Even if teachers have no prior coding or engineering knowledge they can implement STEM and coding in the classroom or after school program.  With this Profesional Learning, teachers will be able to use engaging robots to teach math, NGSS science and coding! 

  • New:  Teaching STEM as an online course  
(2 Hr session + 1 Hr coaching) 
  • New:  Setting up an online STEM course using Google Classroom 
 (2 Hr session + 1 Hr coaching) 
  • Hands-on STEM and an introduction to an Exploring Robotics Course
 (3 Hr session + 1 Hr coaching)
  • Introduction to NGSS Engineering and the 3 dimensions of Science framework
 (3 Hr session)
  • Integrated STEM - combining Science, Math, Engineering, ELA, and Coding in teaching
 (3 Hr session)
  • Implementing STEM following NGSS standards with robots 
 (4 Hr Half-Day) 
  • Implementing STEM following CSTA-K12 standards with robots
(4 Hr Half-Day) 
Optional: Any of the above with a Robot and Curriculum included as the training materials.  
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About the Facilitators:

Our technology-savvy Instructors have an enthusiasm that is infectious and they will have any teacher who wants to learn, teaching and loving STEM with robots and coding. With years of coding and engineering backgrounds, as well as teaching experience, they make sure that teachers are successful and help with the hard stuff: getting started, setting up technology, operation of robots, lesson plans to fit schedules, and learning coding.  

We have helped schools and universities set up online courses and know the ins and outs of how to get started teaching online.  We can coach teachers through the technology as well as the social aspects of setting up online classrooms and communicating with students. 

STEM PD Goals:

  • Experience as a student coding concepts and hands-on application of coding with grade-appropriate robots.
  • Obtain strategies to start teaching CSTA-K12 coding standards with personalized, job-embedded, classroom-focused instruction. 
  • See concrete examples of how to implement NGSS engineering standards, and the 3 dimensions of Science framework. 
  • Walk away with research-based lessons that follow the 5-E learning model, is student-focused, with active hands-on project-based learning with teamwork.

The PD provides educators tools within the course and support throughout the academic year to help them navigate the curriculum in their day-to-day teaching.

Classroom-focused: Modeling a student-centered, hands-on approach, this program equips educators with actionable and practical strategies that inform daily classroom instruction.

PersonalizedThe two-way video conference sessions can be set up as 1 hour, 90 minutes, or 2 hours and easily fit into teacher's schedules.  There are additional videos and step-by-step instructions online that teachers complete at their own pace.  After-PD support is also provided throughout the term. Our instructors have even teleconferenced into classrooms and helped teachers out with the first day of class! 

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On-Site training is also available. Contact Us to request a quote for PD sessions.


How Do We Engage Teachers in STEM?

Teachers enjoy these aspects of PD from Exploring Robotics:

  • Scheduling one to two hour sessions to fit their available time.
  • Using two-way personalized video conference for hands-on demonstrations to get immediate answers to questions.
  • The structured curriculum and teaching practices are built on research-based foundational concepts.
  • Demonstrations of how to apply NGSS Science engineering design practices, cross-cutting concepts, and 3 dimensional learning in STEM labs. 
  • Encouraging collaboration by including grade teachers and Science, ELA, Math, Media, and Librarians in sessions together.
  • Lesson plan modification to engage students in cross-curricula activities and focus lessons to improve test scores.
  • Scaffolding lessons from easy to more complex for physical science, engineering, STEM, and coding topics. 
  • Assistance in creating a plan to adapt the lessons to the number of days and teaching hours available.
  • Assurance that the instructor will check in after they have tried the science labs, robots and coding to answer any questions, assess their understanding, and help fill in any gaps.
  • Bolstering confidence with follow-up short sessions for continued teacher support provided throughout the term.
  • Technical support. We assist teachers and work with your IT staff to ensure that both teachers and students can access the online lessons, coding systems, and set up applications to use STEM lab kits with existing devices and technology. 


Implementing an Exploring Robotics Course PD

Teachers enjoy learning about the robots and how they can facilitate the class with the online lessons which are pre-built for student self-paced learning.  The Exploring Robotics Curriculum is NGSS and CC standards-based and scaffolds from easy to more complex topics.  Created by teachers for teachers, the lessons are well-planned and comprehensive. 

Each course has step-by-step instructions and videos for students to use to learn coding and robotics concepts.  Teachers can use these same step-by-step methods to learn the coding and robotics concepts that are new to them.  They appreciate having a coach on hand, ready to answer any questions and explain how the concepts apply to NGSS standards.

  • Hands-on instruction: getting comfortable with the robots and accessories.
  • Classroom setup and time management
  • All the equipment and materials needed for success
  • Review of lessons and integration with class schedules and plans
  • Programming (coding) concepts and integration with Hour of Code.
  • Review of Curriculum:  lesson plans, online lessons, hands-on activities, videos, assessments, and handouts.
  • Project Based Learning (PBL) and STEM teaching methods
  • Soft skills that teachers will need to help students master: problem solving, communication, self-motivation, leadership, responsibility, teamwork, time management, and conflict resolution.



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Teachers are surrounded with reliable support throughout the term. 



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We encourage teacher collaboration by having a group attend the PD sessions and work together to implement the lessons across Science, Math, Music, Arts, ELA, and a STEM Lab in the Library.

Teachers: from day one, we are here for you as your private coach and ensure you have what you need for success.  Both teachers and students will learn so much more than how to build a robot!

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