Boe-Bot Robot Accessories

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Boe-Bot Refresher Packs

The Boe-Bot Refresher Pack provides spare parts. It's is the same bag of electronic parts that ships with brand new Boe-Bot Robot kits. Every sensor, wire, capacitor, resistor, LED, phototransistor and piezospeaker for each book activity is included in this pack. (Continuous rotation servo motors not included.) Note: This pack can be used to ensure that each successive student taking a class with the Boe-Bot robot has all the components necessary to build the breadboard circuits shown in the Robotics with the Boe-Bot text. Tip: Pictures of your Boe-Bot robot's electronic and mechanical parts along with names, part numbers and quantities are on the last page of the Robotics with the Boe-Bot text.

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Boe-Bot Hardware Refresher Pack

Does your robot have a screw loose? Have a replacement ready using the Small Robot Hardware Pack! This kit contains all of the components used to assemble our popular small robot platforms, including the Propeller ActivityBot, BASIC Stamp Boe-Bot.

Kit Contents:<br/ >(1) - 1/16" cotter pin 
(10) - 3/8" #4-40 pan-head screw 
(3) - 3/16" #4-40 flat-head screw 
(5) - 7/8" #4-40 pan-head screw 
(10) - 1/4" #4-40 pan-head screw 
(4) - 1" round #4-40 aluminum standoff 
(2) - 1/2" #4 aluminum spacer 
(1) - Rubber grommet 
(3) - #4 nylon washer 
(11) - #4-40 nylon core locknut 
(10) - #4-40 nut 
(3) - #4-40 Nylon nut 
(3) - #4 Nylon spacer, 1/2" 

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Black Masking Tape

This black masking tape can be applied to many surfaces; its opaque nature and matte finish help line-following modules detect the path created by the tape.Intended for use with the Scribbler S2 Robot but can also be used for Boe-Bot line-following applications.Dimensions: 1/2" width, 60yds in length.

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Remote Control

This is the controller that is used in the IR Remote for the Boe-Bot. It is a 3 button universal remote that has various control codes to use; so that you can control many types of Infared units.  Works with both Boe-Bot and Scribbler.


  • Multi-Button Functions
  • Various Control Codes
  • Easy Installation

Key Specifications:

  • Power Requirements: 9 VDC - Battery NOT included
  • Communication: IR Modulated at 38.5 kHz
  • Dimensions: 6.75 x 2 x 1.37 in (171.45 x 50.8 x 34.7 mm)
  • Operating Temperature: -32 to +158 °F (0 to +70 °C)


boe bot engineer box x10

Boe-Bot Engineering Expansion Kit

Boe-Bot Engineering Expansion Kit - Take Boe-Bot to the next level with engineering and programming activities. Includes kits (Crawler, Ping Sonar, Line Follower, Tank Treads), Remote, and Engineering Challenge kit. Comes in storage case with removable boxes for each kit.Gain additional engineering skills for Boe-Bot using more sensors, assemblies, programming challenges and competitions.Curriculum and Boe-Bot not included. Purchase separately.

tank treads

Tank Tread Kit for Boe-Bot

Tank Tread Kit - Turn Boe-Bot into a tank with this add-on kit. Remove the wheels and attach the gears and tread to give Boe-Bot robot the ability to traverse unfriendly terrain.  (Robot not included - purchase separately)

Kit Contents:

  • (2) Custom brushed aluminum Boe-Bot tank metal sides
  • (1) Tank wheel and tread set (pre-drilled)
  • (6) 4-40, 3/8" pan head screw
  • (22) 4-40, zinc plated nut
  • (2) 4-40, 1.5" pan head screw
  • (8) 4-40, 1/4" pan head screw
  • (8) 4-40, 7/8" pan head screw
  • (8) #4 lock washers
  • (2) 1.25" aluminum stanfoff
  • (2) Servo horns

BB Crawler 30055 M

Crawler Kit for Boe-Bot Robot

Make your Boe-Bot® Robot a Crawler by adding this Add-on accessory kit. Includes printed documentation with detailed assembly instructions. The Crawler runs on standard Boe-Bot source code with only minor adjustments for ground speed. Sample PBASIC code is included in the documentation.The Boe-Bot Robot (and chassis) are not included - must be purchased separately.


  • 6-legged add-on to give a robot crawling-like movement
  • Easy to assemble and compatible with existing programs
  • Rubber feet for legs for protection

Kit Contents:

  • 2 - Crawler Sides
  • 2 - Servo horns
  • 4 - Legs
  • 6 - Rubber feet
  • 14 - Nylon washers
  • 2 - 3 mm (1/8") Nylon spacers
  • 4 - Push Arms
  • 2 - 19 mm(3/4") Nylon standoffs
  • 4 - 25 mm (1") Nylon standoffs
  • 2 - M3x18 Phillips pan head screw
  • 10 - M3x12 Phillips pan head screw
  • 6 - M3x10 Phillips pan head screw
  • 6 - M3 Hex nuts
  • 6 - M3 Nylon insert locknuts
  • 2 - Middle Legs
  • 6 - M3x6 Phillips pan head screw
  • 12 - Plastic screw covers


Ping Sensor for Boe-Bot with Bracket

Parallax's PING)))™ ultrasonic sensor with servo motor and mounting bracket for Boe-Bot provides a very low-cost and easy method of distance measurement. This sensor is perfect for any number of applications that require you to perform measurements between moving or stationary objects. Naturally, robotics applications are very popular but you'll also find this product to be useful in security systems or as an infrared replacement if so desired. You will definitely appreciate the activity status LED and the economic use of just one I/O pin.The Ping sensor measures distance using sonar; an ultrasonic (well above human hearing) pulse is transmitted from the unit and distance-to-target is determined by measuring the time required for the echo return. Output from the PING))) sensor is a variable-width pulse that corresponds to the distance to the target.Interfacing to the BASIC Stamp and Javelin Stamp microcontrollers is a snap: a single (shared) I/O pin is use to trigger the Ping sensor and "listen" for the echo return pulse. And the  intelligent trigger hold-off allows the PING)))™ to work with the BS1! An onboard three-pin header allows the PING))) to be plugged into a solderless breadboard (on a Boe-Bot, for example), and to be connected to its host through a standard three-pin servo extension cable.


  • Provides precise, non-contact distance measurements within a 2 cm to 3 m range
  • Simple pulse in/pulse out communication
  • Burst indicator LED shows measurement in progress
  • 20 mA power consumption
  • Narrow acceptance angle
  • 3-pin header makes it easy to connect using a servo extension cable, no soldering required

Key Specifications:

  • Power requirements: +5 VDC
  • Communication: Positive TTL pulse
  • Dimensions: 0.81 x 1.8 x 0.6 in (22 x 46 x 16 mm)
  • Operating temp range: +32 to +158 °F (0 to +70 °C)

line follower

QTI Line Follower Kit for Boe-Bot

QTI Line Follower kit mounts under robot to enhance line following - follow black tape courses or navigate maze.  (Robot not included - purchase separately)

This kit uses QTI infrared emitter/receiver modules to easily enhance the line-following capability of your Boe-Bot robot. Mount three or four sensors underneath the Boe-Bot chasis, and adjust the position to detect lines of different widths. Learning to use the QTI is easy with the illustrated instructions and example BASIC Stamp code provided.


  • Designed for close proximity infrared detection
  • Use as a digital sensor array to detect black lines in order to follow electrical tape courses or navigate mazes
  • Use as an analog sensor to detect shades of gray
  • Challenge your friends by setting up Boe-Bot line following competitions!

Kit Contents:This kit includes all the circuit and sensor hardware you need to add QTIs to your Boe-Bot:

  • (4) 10 k 1/4 watt resistors
  • (4) 3-pin male-male headers
  • (4) QTI sensor modules
  • (4) 3/8" 4-40 pan-head screws
  • (4) nylon washers
  • (4) 1" round standoffs
  • (4) 7/8 inch 4-40 pan-head screws
  • (4) ½ inch round spacers
  • (2) bags of 10 3" jumper wires
  • (4) 10 inch servo cable extenders
  • Printed 6-page documentation

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