Robot Shield with Arduino

Build a rolling personal robot and control it with a arduino uno brain. Keep students engaged while learning electronics concepts with the LEDs, resistors, capacitors, and other electronic parts which come with this kit. Students learn about and build circuits on the solderless breadboard and use C programming language to control the robot. This robot follows lines, navigates mazes, follows people or other robots, has whiskers to detect objects, detects light, flashes lights, plays tunes, and more.

Robotics with Arduino and C

An excellent course for STEM, Electronics, Engineering, Computer Science, or Robotics programs.

  • Build a robot with an Arduino brain, program it, and learn electronics, electricity, magnetism, engineering, mechanics, and other technical concepts.
  • Avoid obstacles, follow lines (and robots), operate autonomously, mimic insects and animals, and more.
  • Use Ohms law to calculate resistance, current, and voltage for circuits, and learn electronic concepts.
  • Read schematic diagrams, recognize resistors by color, construct circuits with LEDs, motors, resistors, capacitors, IR and light sensors, speakers, and more.
  • Calculate speed, direction, distance, light sensor data, pulse width for motors, time, and also graph data.
  • Gain skills in C programming with Arduino and microcontroller interface to sensors and motors.

Online Self-Paced Curriculum

Students work at own pace to learn C coding and electronics with hands-on robot building and breadboard activities.

  • 3D CAD models provide step by step instructions.
  • Videos introduce real-world application of robotics, engineering, and Basic programming.
  • Flexible lesson plans for terms, semesters, or clubs.
  • Self-paced lessons with step by step instruction, videos and activities to engage students.
  • Online lessons are viewable on any device. Windows computer is needed for programming the robot.
  • Projects, fun competitions, and labs with worksheets.
  • For CS, science, engineering, or technology teachers.
  • Professional development via video conference to get started and on-going support.
  • Kits also available for those who have Arduino boards.

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Great for classroom, labs, self-study, or after school clubs.

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The kit of parts is reusable term after term, with low cost replacement parts. Comes with or without Arduino board.

Videos of Shield-Bot in Action:

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