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We have over 500 schools as clients, provided PD to more than 750 teachers, and served thousands of students. 

Our goal is to serve over a Million students by 2020!



Our mission is to help schools prepare the next generation of engineers, technologists, and scientists who will be solving the world's problems. We believe in creating learning environments that engage every student and promote critical thinking and problem solving. We support schools in implementing STEM programs by providing world-class STEM learning environments that serve the needs of a wide range of teachers and students. We define success as delivering:

ER_logo_full_sive_transparent.pngSTEM Success =

Easy to Teach STEM Curricula +

Engaging STEM Lab Stations +

Enhanced personalized PD +

Reliable Support for teachers.




  • Turn-key STEM programs. We help teachers address NGSS, K12-CS, and ISTE standards with STEM Curricula and hands-on turn-key STEM Labs. We create self-paced, online lessons with videos paired with engaging activities using STEM Lab stations that can be implemented easily in the K-12 classroom or as part of an after school, Maker Space, or distance learning program.  Students Explore engineering and science concepts, Examine possible solutions to problems, Engage in hands-on activities where they create code and inventions using critical thinking, and then Explain their solutions using communication skills. 


  • Affordable STEM packages for schools. Most classroom packages are in the range of $1,500 to $6,000  and can be reused over several years. This includes the curriculum, STEM lab stations, PD for teachers, and support. Our STEM Lab Stations provide not only the robots or invention kits but also the batteries, chargers, spare parts, storage boxes, lab activity materials, and everything needed to be successful from day one in the classroom. We also can provide rolling storage carts, devices, and other makerspace supplies.


  • Self-paced online curricula following the 5-E learning model with videos, step-by-step instruction and open-ended project-based learning with opportunities for building grit skills. We know that there are many talented, intelligent students of various backgrounds who, if given the opportunity and exposure, can master tough technology topics and fill jobs that are the backbone of a far stronger U.S. economy. That's why we continue to invest heavily in the development of STEM and STEAM curricula (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) that provides the knowledge and skills needed for 21st Century jobs. 


  • Rugged educational robots and kits. As part of a turn-key solution, we provide several brands of robots, drones, and invention kits. We help educators choose the kits that work with their technology, and meet the level of their students.  We search for robots and kits that work well in the classroom or STEM lab environment and hold up to student abuse. We support teachers during the technical setup, make sure they receive everything, and help with any returns or exchanges that are needed.


  • PD and support for K-12 teachers.  Let's face it.  Engineering and coding are not part of most Teaching degree programs. They are tough topics to teach, but we have created Easy to Teach lessons.  We believe that any enthusiastic teacher (Elementary, Middle School, Science, Math, or Technology teacher), Librarian or Media Specialist can teach these topics, if given the proper support and resources. Our enhanced, personalized PD training sessions are designed to provide a no-fear learning environment with two-way video conference in small group settings.  We then provide on-going support and help teachers with both technology and curricula implementation, and follow-up sessions to answer questions and help take their teaching to the next level.


  • STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math,  and Coding are integrated into every course. Students are not playing with robots. The lessons use robots to engage in math and science topics. They also learn coding to make the robot move. The performance-based activities and grading rubrics help prepare students for careers as well as standardized tests.


  • Course pathways that lead to successful STEM career opportunities for students. Our pathways begin in elementary school and continue through middle school and into high school. Engineering and coding skills are introduced and then reinforced and enhanced with each course. By the time students graduate they have mastered not only robotics but also coding languages and the technical and engineering skills which lead to good paying jobs or entry into University courses.



The founders, Grant Plowman and Linda Nichol-Plowman, have strong backgrounds in technology, engineering, business consulting, educational consulting, instructional design, systems design, and project management. They have conducted numerous training programs, managed the development of hundreds of courses and training products, and are published authors.

Grant Plowman (1943-2016) before forming Interactive Media, had a career of over 30 years as an electrical and electronics engineer. He was CEO of several companies which built custom automation equipment and created electronic controls and circuit boards for aerospace, food processing, solar energy, agriculture, military, and other industries.  He was from Michigan but spent most of his career in southern California.

His vision and expertise are the genius behind the Exploring Robotics product line as he shared his years of experience. He wished he had such fun methods of learning electronics and enginering.

linda-nichols-plowman-small.jpgLinda Nichols-Plowman, CEO:  before forming Interactive Media, had a career of over 15 years as a software engineer and systems analyst working for firms consulting with banking systems,the military, and creating industrial controls. She helped establish some of the first ATM systems and computerized check processing operations in the Virginia and Maryland region. For Interactive Media Publishing, she provided instructional design and managed the development of over 100 online courses for several universities and corporations, creating online degree programs for nursing, engineering, education, social sciences, criminology, business, and more. She is a published author and has also self-published several books on robotics topics. She is from Virginia but also worked in California, and now resides in Oregon.  

Linda is the creative force behind Exploring Robotics. She loves helping teachers bring coding to students in a fun and interactive way with robots, and to use STEM labs to engage students and prepare them with 21st Century skills.



joe.jpgJoe B. Lively  - Academic Program Director 2013 - Present. Works with administrators and educators to create custom integration solutions for STEM and STEAM programs in K-12 schools.  Designs activities, lesson plans, demonstrations and competitions in STEAM programs for schools and instructors.  Works as a technical and curriculum support lead for teachers.  Provides guidance in lesson plan modification and project-based learning programs. Provides technical support and coordination with IT personnel for schools. BS in Management Information Systems, with Minor in Computer Science and Multimedia Design from Oregon State University,  2000.

  • Has trained hundreds of teachers in coding, robotics, STEAM and PBL concepts.  
  • Worked in a classroom environment for 2 years teaching introduction to business applications to incoming college freshman.  Designed lessons, lectures, activities and exams.
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) for a distance education company for 10 years.  Created software programs for both client and web-based environments, created documentation and led the technical team in providing support for end users and students.
  • Curriculum and Activity development for Robotics Programs for 3 years. Assisted in planning, testing and implementing activities for courses, clubs and makerspace programs in the educational robotics genre.  
  • Developed simulation tools to aid students and LMS structures to provide web-based course delivery options.
  • Works with teachers and administrators to determine the best options for meeting educational goals with new programs that integrate technology with STEAM concepts.


  • A development team of instructional designer, project manager,  teachers, writers, media specialists, video and audio technicians, website developers, and programmers work together to create curricula.
  • The academic support team includes the academic director, trainers, and support staff who interact with educators to provide solutions, professional development, competitions, and support for schools.
  • The operations team manages order processing, shipping, and receiving, works with manufacturers to ensure that products arrive on time, and handles returns.
  • The R&D team researches new products and develops custom solutions combining robots, electronics, programming, and other educational products.
  • The Marketing team provides newsletters, promotional items, and exhibits at academic conferences.

Exploring Robotics is a brand of Interactive Media Publishing which is a woman-owned small business with over 10 years of experience in developing online and interactive educational content paired with robots and technical kits.  We are located in Phoenix, Oregon USA - close to Medford, in southern Oregon near the California border. 

Contact Information - (phone, address)  Call us and talk to a live person - not a phone tree; or just send an email and let us know when you are available. 

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