Teacher Tools for Engineering Expansion Kit

boebot teacher box

This box for teachers contains items that are used for competitions and tools for students to use when modifying the kits and building the engineering projects that are included in the curriculum.  

Tools:  Adult supervision is recommended when students use these tools.


  • Snap Blade Utility Knife – to cut plastic parts or make small holes in parts.

  • Diagonal Cutters – to cut wires and metal or plastic parts, or strip wires.

  • Needle Nose Pliers – to hold electronic parts during assembly or cutting.

  • 3/32” Titanium Drill Bits (10pc) – to drill holes in plastic or metal parts for the screw size included in the kits (requires an electric drill which is not included in the kit).

  • Articulated Vacuum Vise – to hold items while cutting or assembling them.

  • Helping Hands with Magnifying Glass – to hold small electronic parts and read  resistor colors

Competition and Engineering Challenge Items:

  • 2 Rolls of black masking tape – for line following.

  • Bag of white practice golf balls (12 pc)

  • Bag of orange practice golf balls (15 pc)

  • Box of assorted sizes rubber bands (100 pc)

  • Box of assorted sizes of springs (200 pc)


Purchasing Options:

  • Teacher Tools for Engineering Expansion Kit

  • Engineering Expansion Kit (Single Unit)

  • Engineering Expansion Kit Curriculum (Individual License)


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