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Individual Cubes

Individual Cubes
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Cubelet Blocker Cube
A Think Cubelet to block data flow! A building block that is also a data barrier. Use it to connect..
Cubelet Brightness Cube
A Sense block that detects the amount of light. Detects the amount of light hitting its sensor. The..
Cubelet Distance Cube
A Sense block that detects distance to an object. The Distance Cubelet detects proximity or how far..
Cubelet Drive Cube
An Action block with wheels for driving around on flat surfaces. Contains a motor and roller wheels..
Cubelet Flashlight Cube
An Action block that can make your robot light up!.     The Flashlight Cubelet emits a f..
Cubelet Inverse Cube
A Think Cubelet that flips the values it encounters. Low values become high, and high values become..
Cubelet Knob Cube
A Sense block with a knob that you can set to a particular value. The Knob Cubelet has a potentiome..
Cubelet Rotate Cube
An Action block to make your robot spin!  One face of the block rotates or spins at a rate cor..
Maximum Cubelet
A Think Cubelet that outputs the maximum input value that it receives. Filter out only the highest ..
Minimum Cubelet
A Think Cubelet that outputs the minimum input value that it receives, like a switch. The Minimum C..
Passive Cubelet
A Think Cubelet to make your robot bigger! Transmits power and data just like a wire, but doesn't d..
Temperature Cubelet
A Sense block that detects heat and cold. Detect the temperature and build robots that respond to t..
Threshold Cubelet
The Threshold is a THINK Cubelet with a knob to alter the behavior of your robots. It will output a ..
Cubelet Bar Graph Cube
An Action block that displays data in a bar graph!    Displays the block's value as a li..
Cubelet Speaker Cube
An Action block that is great for building noisy robots! Make your robot chirp! Chirps according to..

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