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Scribbler S3 Robot Class 10 Pack

Scribbler S3 Robot Class 10 Pack
Brand: Parallax
Product Code: ER-Scrib-10
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Price: $1,911.00
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Bundle of 10 Robots with Accessories. Parallax's Scribbler S3 robot arrives pre-assembled.  Place a pen in the robot and draw shapes or write a message. Follows lines, avoids obstacles, runs mazes and races, follows a light, plays music, draws. Programmed with Blockly Code or Parallax's Custom Graphic Control Language. For use with the Exploring Robotics with Scribbler Curriculum (not included) which includes lessons in science and math as well as Blockly coding. 


  • 3 light sensors
  • 2 obstacle avoidance sensors
  • 2 line following sensors
  • 2 independent DC wheel motors
  • Wheel encoders for precise maneuvers
  • Stall sensor for wheel motors
  • Pen port for drawing on paper
  • Speaker to make a full range of notes
  • Programmable indicator lights
  • Microphone for detecting tones from other S2 robots
  • Bi-color LEDs for visual feedback
  • Hacker port for connection to external sensors, RF devices, and servos
  • Rechargeable Battery and USB charger cable

Kit Contents:

  • Fully assembled Scribbler Robot
  • The Scribbler Robot Start-Up Guide

Key Specifications:

  • Communication: Serial USB programming interface to PC
  • Scribbler Dimensions: 7.4 x 6.25 x 3.2 in (188 x 158.8 x 81 mm)
  • Operating temp range: +50 to +104 °F(+10 to +40 °C)

* This discounted price is only valid if the contract number
#ESD112-DE-18Ais on the purchasing document, and the school is a member of DigitalEdge in one of the covered states. (Read more). 

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