Go-Pi-Go - Control a robot with Scratch on Raspberry Pi


Physical Science with a Robot Car

GoPiGo is a mobile robot that is fun to build and control.

Students are motivated to learn NGSS standards with GoPiGo as they explore motion, friction, and energy concepts.They apply concepts of light and sound waves, electromagnetic spectrum, energy, Newton’s laws and more as they explore.

Go-Pi-Go Robot

  • EASY: Assemble the GoPiGo in 20 minutes with a screw driver following the step by step instructions and videos.
  • FAST: GoPiGo is built on the Raspberry Pi, a powerful little computer that fits in the palm of a hand.
  • EXPANDABLE: It comes with a kit of sensors but students can add hundreds of additional sensors and connect LEGO Technics for additional projects.

GoPiGo with Servo and Ultrasonic facing

Go-Pi-Go Robotics Lessons

Students gain hands-on experience with assembling and coding a mobile robot with multiple sensors.

Lessons are “Missions” that students complete, each teaching about one application of sensors.

PBL: In each lesson students are given a problem to solve and provided information about a sensor that can be used with the robot to help design a solution.

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What do Students Create?

Some of the projects students will create include:

ASSEMBLY: Build a multipurpose mobile robot from parts, connect to a Raspberry Pi computer, and test the operation.

SCRATCH: Learn how to create programs in Scratch and upload to the robot.

OBSTACLE COURSE: Create an obstacle course and program the robot to navigate it.

BIOMIMICRY: Choose an animal that responds to light and mimic its behavior with light sensors.

NOISE PATROL: Create a robot that can patrol the neighborhood and use sound sensors to detect loud noises and issue tickets to the perpetrators.

SERVICE ANIMALS: Create a robotic guide dog with ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles.

FINITE STATE MACHINE: Create a robotic recorder that detects how many times lights are turned on and off.

TIMER: Design a timer with a loud alarm and send your robot where needed to keep track of some event.

SEISMOGRAPH: Design a robotic seismometer using the motion sensor and create an experiment to send your robot to locations to record seismic events.

MORSE CODE: Create a mobile emergency alert robot that sends out signals using Morse Code.

SMART CAR: Create an intelligent remote control vehicle that can detect obstacles and avoid collisions.

COOKIE DELIVERY SERVICE: Create a mobile robot that can follow a line through a warehouse to fetch and deliver cookies for delivery to customers.

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Raspberry Pi Camera controlled by mobile browser





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