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Elementary Exploring STEM Coding with Robots for PK-5

Students are engaged with inquiry-based lessons for NGSS Physical Science and Engineering. Teachers are amazed at the performance tasks and lessons which immerse students in fun coding, Math, ELA, Art, and Music projects.  Everyone succeeds with K-5 STEM Curriculum that is simple to use, engaging, meaningful for students, and challenging with problem-solving and critical thinking tasks. 


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 MakeBlock mTiny Robot

Exploring STEAM with mTiny (Grades PK-2)

mTiny is a perfect educational robot for kids aged 4+ to learn STEAM concepts. To spark the interest of preschool-aged children, mTiny offers fun interactive games to foster their logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Children tap the easy to hold pen controller and use picture cards to control the robot movement. mTiny receives instructions and starts moving, then identifies locations and responds to the interactive map. The innovative tap-to-code interaction system and interesting storybook drive kids’ interest in learning.

Cross-curricular Content: mTiny Curricula introduces young children to math and music. Designed (in alignment) with modern educational philosophies, mTiny finds a better way to spark children's curiosity for knowledge and develop their logical thinking from an early age.  The Curricula lessons include Math, Language Arts, and Coding, as well as Physical, Cognitive, and Socio-emotional competencies.


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Exploring STEAM with Cubelets (PK-2nd Grade)

STEAM curriculum and STEM Lab kits with Cubelets (self-contained cubes that snap together with magnets to create bots) are great for classrooms or any learning environment that requires fast paced, easy to grasp concepts learning.  Students love to use cubelets to add motion to their Lego builds. No tablets or other devices are required, making Cubelets easy to implement in any environment.

Cubelets activities introduce and reinforce many STEAM lessons for grades PK-5. Challenges are provided where students create a robot to solve a problem and then draw and write to explain what they have built - incorporating ELA and engineering into the lessons. The STEM curriculum makes it easy for teachers to introduce NGSS engineering practices in Kindergarten, 1st grade, or 2nd grade. 

These are very rugged self-contained smart cubes that can be used in multiple classes year after year: making them a great value. 


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Dash and Dot

Exploring STEM and Coding with Dash Robots (1st-3rd Grade)

STEAM curriculum and STEM Lab kits with Dash and Dot is great for introducing students to coding, and engaging students in Math, Science, and ELA topics. Lessons for grades K-5 are adaptable to different age groups and abilities. 

Teach STEAM topics with these incredibly cute and engagingly animated character robots that make fun sounds, say the cutest things like "Whee", and "I see you", flash lights, change colors of lights, follow a path, avoid obstacles, and more.  Students first use the Tablet Apps and then use Blockly code to control the robot.

 The Apps make it easy to get started using the robots right out of the box and grasp coding and engineering concepts. These adorable robots are rugged and can be used in multiple classes year after year: making them cost effective.  


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Exploring STEM and Coding with Ozobot (2nd - 5th Grade)

STEAM curriculum and STEM Lab kits with Ozobot robots are great to introduce students to technology-such as coding, critical thinking, problem solving, and algorithms. This curriculum provides a great introduction to coding using a graphic Blockly language.

Students can pick-up a marker and go. They play games, make puzzles and use the Apps to engage with these fun robots with sensors that detect colored lines and patterns.  Ozobots are so small and yet powerful learning tools for teaching fractions, number lines, coordinate systems, and many other math concepts.  Students also use them to tell stories and imagine all types of scenarios where the Ozobots travel and discover the world.

Use the curriculum to teach STEAM and Coding concepts with Ozobot robots that use a visual drag and drop coding tool or markers to program them.  These tiny titans can be used in multiple classrooms or makerspaces, and they are very affordable. 


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Codey Rocky

Exploring STEM and Coding with Codey-Rocky (3rd - 6th Grade)

STEAM curriculum and STEM Lab kits with Codey-Rocky are an easy way to introduce coding and make a great teacher engagement tool. Codey Rocky is a treasure trove of fun right out of the box, that plays music, follows light, mimics facial expressions and much more with easy coding; empowering children with the skills to turn their imagination into reality and experience the delight of their achievement. Students use Blockly code to control movement, messaging, play music,communicate, follow lines, use sensors, and create games. 

Cross-curricula STEM lessons include reading, writing, math, and science. Students measure, use number lines, and use math during coding.  They learn physical science properties of LEDs, light and sound waves, energy, communication, collecting data, and modeling for science. They use the engineering design process for creating applications where the robot is solving a problem.


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UKIT Kit Beginner

UKIT Beginner

Exploring Robotics with UKIT Beginner
 (3rd - 5th Grade)

UKIT Beginner provides a springboard to expose students to robotics. Designed for classrooms, UKIT Beginner and supporting curriculum reinforce STEM instruction in an engaging hands-on way, while building a foundation for problem-solving and computational thinking skills.

  • Comprehensive building kit – no additional pieces required
  • NGSS-aligned curriculum provide 5E lesson plans on integrated STEM topics
  • UBTECH Education’s proprietary app lets students build and program their robotics projects with block-based coding
  • Up to 13 pre-designed models in the app spark creativity with the added potential of customized build options
  • Recommended for elementary to middle school


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