High School STEM: Computer Science, Internet of Things, and Mobile Robotics Curriculum  


airblock hovercraft

AirBlock Drone


Exploring Drones and Hovercrafts with Airblock

 (Grades 7-9)

The Airblock's modular design allows it to be configured as a Drone or a Hovercraft. Students snap it together with magnets in seconds! It is encased in a rugged styrofoam material which will withstand bumps against walls and ceilings, and safely fall to the floor.  This makes it easy to use either indoors in a gym or hallway, or outside. 

Lessons and experiments in physical science: aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, math, coding, and much more make the AirBlock a dynamo of learning potential.  Students control it with a Tablet or Smart Phone Apps or with Scratch Code. They use math and physical science concepts as they engage in the STEM lessons. 

Lots of competitions are included in the lessons for both hovercraft and drone operation, for students to demonstrate skills.  This is a great beginners course for drones and hovercrafts. 

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boe bot with two girls 600

 Boe-Bot Mobile Robot

Exploring Robotics with Electronics for Boe-Bot 

(Grades 8-10)

Students program the Boe-Bot robot to follow lines, navigate a room or a maze, roam toward light, flash lights, follow a person or vehicle, follow other robots, and much more. Use Boe-Bot robots in classrooms or after school clubs and makerspaces to teach robotics, physical science, coding, and STEM concepts.

Exploring Robotics self-paced robotics curriculum with videos makes a great Introduction to Digital Electronics, Engineering, Mechatronics, and other CTE programs for Grades 8-10. Teach introductory electronics with a solderless breadboard and Basic programming (coding) with resistors, capacitors, LEDs, circuit diagrams, and more.  This rugged robot is built from a kit but also dissassembles easily and can be used in multiple classes year after year. Inexpensive replacement kits ($10) are available for the small electronic parts and fasteners.

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 expansion pack withbook Boe-Bot Robot Engineering Kit 

Exploring Robotics Boe-Bot Engineering Expansion Kit

(Grades 8-10)

Add crawler legs to make Boe-Bot move like a spider, a gripper to pick up items, a sonar to find things, tractor wheels to move over rough terrain, line follower for competitions, and even build a custom designed add-on with the parts provided.

Create a full year of study by adding Exploring Robotics self-paced STEM Curriculum and Eight add-On Kits for the Boe-Bot Robot. Extend Boe-Bot to teach engineering design for Mechatronics, Intro to Manufacturing, Electronics, Programming, and Engineering Programs for Grades 8-10. This fun engineering kit adds engineering skills with Boe-Bot using more sensors and mechanical assemblies while further exploring electronics with programming challenges and many more fun competitions. 

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boe shieldBoe Shield

Exploring Robotics with Boe Shield: Arduino with C Programming

(Grades 10-12)

Engage students in learning Electronics and C++ coding with a fun robot. Students build this robot with an Arduino brain, program it, and create circuits on the solderless breadboard to control it.  Students program the robot to follow lines, navigate a room or a maze, roam toward light, flash lights, follow a person or vehicle, follow other robots, and much more. 

The Exploring Robotics Introduction to Electronics with BOE Shield-Bot curriculum provides an excellent opportunity to learn and apply a variety of STEM skills which include engineering, electronics, math, physics, C programming, and computer technology. It is also great as a hands-on lab to accompany an introductory robotics, digital electronics, or C programming course.

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GrovePi with Raspberry Pi in case right view

 Exploring IoT with GrovePi

Exploring IoT and Python Code with GrovePi

(Grades 9-12)

Build inventions for the Internet of Things with the GrovePi kit.  The Grove board attaches to a Raspberry Pi board and provides an easy plug-in method for controlling sensors and other electronic devices.  Student use Python code on the Raspberry Pi to interface with the sensors. The Grove system simplifies the process of wiring, without soldering. Students learn to interface with cloud systems and create applications such as a weather monitor, security system, appliance or light control system. 

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makeblock ultimate 20 10 in 1 kit electronics desc2

 Ultimate 2.0

Exploring Robotics with Ultimate 2.0

(Grades 9-12)

Ultimate 2.0 is a flagship robot kit based on Makeblock platform with rich features and strong compatibility. Whether you are an enthusiast of Raspberry Pi or Arduino, a mechanical or electronics engineer, a teacher, or a student, it helps you learn the knowledge and skills of mechanical structures, electronic modules and programming with ease. Build and control Ultimate 2.0 to start your exploration in the world of robotics!

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guy smiling with laptop iStock 000017470734XSmall

High School Robotics Curriculum with Teacher PD for STEM and CTE programs

Our Curriculum combined with robots is designed to attract students to STEM and CTE engineering and computer science programs.  Now any math, science or technology teacher can teach STEM topics with robots. 

Students sign up for the courses and are fully engaged with the hands-on robots and programming activities. Everything needed to successfully teach is included.  Our self-paced curriculum is paired with robots or electronic kits, storage boxes, batteries, spare parts, tools for teachers, teacher training, and support.

The curriculum includes online active learning lessons, videos, 3D models with step by step instructions, worksheets, quizzes, and other items which support self-paced instruction.




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