Top 10 STEM Curriculum with Robots for Home School Grades K-12

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Whether your child aspires to become an astronaut, engineer, computer programmer, scientist, or one of the hundreds of other STEM career options, they need a foundation in coding and the design process. This foundation is just as critical as math. How about a fun way to accomplish that?

For homeschool, children can learn STEM by combining robotics and coding with challenges and projects. Teach your children with our easy to use online lessons that include videos and step-by-step instructions for coding and engineering concepts.


When children come in contact with robots it’s like the robot has magic tentacles that reach out and pull the child’s imagination in. The child begins to see and make new connections to Science,Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math,(STEAM); but more importantly to a new world of possibilities - connections to new and exciting paths previously unknown that may someday be their future. They discover skills and capabilities that lay dormant within themselves and powers of possibility. 

Exploring Robotics has collected the best of the breed in robots to nurture imaginations. Robots that fit children at every stage of development from pre K to post 12. Children need more than just robots for playing; they need guidance with lessons that stimulate minds, provide hours of hands-on activities, and match each child’s potential. Exploring Robotics K-12 curriculum does that, and it is simple to use, and age-appropriate for math, science, reading, and writing activities. 



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Elementary Robots with Curriculum (Grades K-5, Ages 5-11)


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 MakeBlock mTiny Robot

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Exploring Robotics with mTiny (Grades PK-2)

mtiny 03mTiny is a perfect educational robot for kids aged 4+ to learn STEAM concepts. To spark the interest of preschool-aged children, mTiny offers fun interactive games to foster their logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Children tap the easy to hold pen controller and use picture cards to control the robot movement. mTiny receives instructions and starts moving, then identifies locations and responds to the interactive map. The innovative tap-to-code interaction system and interesting storybook drive kids’ interest in learning.

This is multi-sensory learning: no external mobile phones or tablets are required to work with mTiny, making it a screen free coding solution. mTiny enables children to engage different senses to increase attention and explore the world around them. mTiny comes with a tap pen controller and an interactive map which distinguish it from other products. They are easy to use. Combined with a range of coding games for different levels, this remote controlled robot kit interacts with young children to spark their passion for discovery and learning.

Cross-curricular Content: mTiny Curricula introduces young children to math and music. Designed (in alignment) with modern educational philosophies, mTiny finds a better way to spark children's curiosity for knowledge and develop their logical thinking from an early age.  The Curricula lessons include Math, Language Arts, and Coding, as well as Physical, Cognitive, and Socio-emotional competencies.


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Modular Robotics Cubelets

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Exploring Robotics with Cubelets (Grades K-4)

cubelets edu 3 small Remember wooden blocks and all that could be made from them? Cubelets ​”Building Blocks with brains” are the blocks of today that a child can combine in almost endless possibilities to build their own creation. While creating they begin to think like an artist and engineer, problem solve and use critical thinking.

Each block provides a different function: a power block provides energy for each creation, other blocks provide sound, motion, lights, and sensors for proximity, light and sound. Given a question, they answer with their creation. Proudly then they describe what they created, telling a story of how and why it works. Although these blocks were designed for elementary grade levels we have watched high school students create for hours with them, exploring different possibilities with Legos and other blocks.

Cubelets activities introduce and reinforce many STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) lessons for grades K-5.Children learn with cubes that snap together magnetically to make a robot that moves, senses, thinks, and communicates. Any child will be engaged to pick them up and snap them together to see what happens and what they can create. They use the attachments to connect to their Lego blocks and have hours and hours of building fun. These are very rugged smart cubes that can be used by multiple siblings and multiple classes year after year: making them exceptionally cost effective.  See in Store

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Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot

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Exploring Robotics with Dash and Dot  (Grades K-4)

launcher girls 2000px 1920xOne of the many superlatives used to describe Dash ​is "adorable". Speak and Dash turns to face you. Then he says the cutest things such as "I see you" and "Whoa". Use the fun Apps to make sounds like a horn, cow, elephant or you can record your own voice and Dash will play it back for you. The Free Apps are easy to use to teach coding lessons that introduce critical thinking, problem solving, the scientific method, algorithms, loops, conditionals, variables, and more. 

Dash also has accessories like a Ball launcher (great fun) and a xylophone (program Dash to play music), a pen holder (to make drawings), and a gripper (to put away those stuffed animals!).  Dash is smart enough to respond to voices and sounds and can dance and sing, which makes for a fun and interactive learning experience for kids. Dash will help kids learn, laugh, and grow. 

All children love this incredibly cute and engagingly animated character robot, and they love to make fun sounds, flash lights, change colors of lights, follow a path, and more. They first use Apps to control the robot and then use Blockly code to program the robot. Exploring Robotics and Wonder Workshop Curriculum lessons introduce students to coding, and are adaptable to different age groups. Girls love these robots; shortly after being introduced to them they are engaged in coding the robots, making up stories, and learning while having fun. When kids get together they can share for hours what they are creating. The Apps make it simple to get started, excel through lessons and grasp coding concepts.These adorable robots are rugged and can be used by multiple siblings and multiple groups year after year: making them a wonderful value. Designed for kids 6+. See in Store

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Ozobot EVO

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Exploring Robotics with EVO  (Grades 4-7)

OZO 020101 02 01Ozobot Evo, ​“the world’s smallest programmable robot”, senses lines of different colors and color sequences. Young children first learn to control them by drawing lines and colored sequences. Kids can cause the robot to dance, follow a maze, spin, flash lights, make sounds, and race about while they apply math and science concepts. They progress to coding the robot with a simple app on a tablet or smartphone, learning to code with OzoBlockly (a puzzle-like coding language).

These mighty minion Ozobots with STEAM curriculum are great to introduce students to coding, critical thinking, problem solving, and algorithms. Students can pick-up a marker and begin controlling the robots by drawing colored lines and sequences of color that control the robot motion. They can play games, make puzzles and use Apps to engage for hours of fun.  Siblings can create their own games and play together for hours of fun.  The curriculum includes math, science, coding, and story-telling lessons. 

Ozobots are so small and yet powerful learning tools.Teach STEAM and coding with a visual drag and drop coding environment with levels that progress from easy to advanced, and show larger icons for easy programming.These tiny titans are tough and can be used year after year: making them very affordable.  See in Store


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MakeBlock Codey Rocky Robot

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Exploring Robotics with Codey Rocky  (Grades 4-7)

 CR AD 1047 V1Codey Rocky is a treasure trove of fun right out of the box, that plays music, follows light, mimics facial expressions and much more with easy coding.  Empower children with the skills to turn their imagination into reality and experience the delight of their achievement.

Students use Scratch block-based code to control movement, messaging, play music,communicate, follow lines, use sensors, and create games.  Use tablets, chromebooks, or laptops for coding - there are Apps available for each.

STEAM curriculum with Codey-Rocky makes it easy to introduce coding and explore science. Space adventures lessons are where students turn Codey into a rocket, then a spaceship, and then a mars rover to roam the planet, search for minerals, and build a mars base.  Cross-curricula STEM lessons for coding with engineering include reading, writing, math, and science. Students measure, use number lines, and calculate to complete coding activities.  They learn physical science properties of LEDs, light and sound waves, energy, communication, collecting data, and modeling for science. They use the engineering design process for creating applications where the robot is solving a problem.  See in Store

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Middle School Robots with Curriculum (Grades 5-8, Ages 11-14)


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Parallax Scribbler S3

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Exploring Robotics with Scribbler Robot (Grades 4-7)

scrib1 400x266pxScribbler ​robot has a pen port; children use different colored pens and program scribbler to create their own drawings. Each child can express their artistic and programming skills by having Scribbler draw their creation. Scribbler also can be programmed to make music and dance. But to do so, children must use measurements, geometry, and some algebraic equations. So they use their math to draw. Imagine an event in which children, bring their scribblers and come together to define and create a team choreographed scribbler dance. Student competitions are included: maze, line following, drawing, and dance routines to keep students engaged.

Girls and boys delight in programming these robots to draw, dance the Hokey Pokey (or other dance routines) with lights, and other science and math lessons disguised as fun projects. Videos present math topics like calculating diameter, radius, and drawing rectangles, triangles, and other shapes. Science video topics include sound waves, light, LEDs, and electricity. Students self study coding with the graphical programming language (similar to scratch).  No assembly required for the robot, making it easy to use year after year. See in Store

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hovercraft small

MakeBlock AirBlock Kit

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Exploring Robotics with AirBlock Hovercraft + Drone (Grades 6-9)

airblockbannerThe Airblock Drone is not your ordinary drone. Its modular design allows it to be configured as a Drone or a Hovercraft. Students snap it together with magnets in seconds! It is encased in a rugged styrofoam material which will withstand bumps against walls and ceilings, and safely fall to the floor.

More than 40 hours of online lessons and experiments in aerodynamic and hydrodynamic science, coding, and much more make the AirBlock Drone a dynamo of learning potential. Students control it with Apps or Scratch Code. They use math and learn physical science concepts as they engage in the STEM lessons.  The lessons also cover meterology, and what it takes to get a drone license.  A design challenge adds more hours of fun as they follow the engineering design process to create a solution to a real world problem.  This inexpensive drone can be used indoors and is a great way to learn to fly before getting into the more expensive professional drones.  Competition ideas are included for both the hovercraft and drone - so get groups of students together and have a blast! See in Store

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High School Robots with Curriculum (Grades 8-12, Ages 14-18)



Parallax Boe-Bot Robot

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Exploring Robotics with Electronics for Boe-Bot  (Grades 8-12)

boe bot kid redshirt 400pxBoe-Bot ​(a kit robot and self study curriculum) stimulates hands-on skills and introduces high school students to electronics, micro-controllers, and Basic programming. As students explore mechatronics (a combination of mechanical devices and electronics), they also explore possible education and career paths beyond high school. A wide range of possible careers are reviewed along with income and educational requirements.

Boe-Bot STEM Curriculum and robot kits are great for learning Math and Science with a fun spin. Learn electronics with a solderless breadboard and Basic programming (coding) with a fun robot that follows lines, avoids obstacles, runs mazes, and more. Students are using these robots in home school, makerspaces, and classrooms to learn coding as well as Science and Math concepts, and an Introduction to Electronics, Engineering, Mechatronics, and manufacturing concepts. These kits are great for Grades 8-12, and as introductory electronics course in college. This rugged robot kit can be disassembled and used year after year, through many grade levels. See in Store

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ex boebots

Parallax Boe-Bot Robot Engineering Kit

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Exploring Robotics Boe-Bot Engineering Expansion Kit  (Grades 8-12)

Summer camp boebot 2Having mastered Boe-Bot​ basics, students can expand the challenge by working with the Boe-Bot Expansion kit ​that offers a range of parts (crawler, gripper, tank treads, ping ))) ​sonar, ​line follower) that can be added to Boe-Bot to enhance its capabilities. An engineering task is the capstone of this curriculum, where students design their own throwing mechanism to solve an engineering challenge. By completing this course students raise their confidence, technical expertise, design skills, and engineering prowess.

Students continue to learn self-directed with the online STEM Curriculum. This fun kit allows Boe-Bot to be used for a full year and adds engineering skills with more than 8 add-on kits with sensors and mechanical assemblies. Students further explore electronics with programming challenges and many compelling activities and competitions. The Engineering Expansion kit is great to learn engineering design for Mechatronics, Intro to Manufacturing, Electronics, Programming, and Engineering Programs for Grades 8-12, and introductory college courses. See in Store

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Parallax Boe-Shield

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Exploring Robotics with Electronics for Boe-Shield  (Grades 8-12)

Engage students in learning Electronics and C++ coding with a fun robot. Students build this robot with an Arduino brain, program it, and create circuits on the solderless breadboard to control it. Students program the robot to follow lines, navigate a room or a maze, roam toward light, flash lights, follow a person or vehicle, follow other robots, and much more.

The Exploring Robotics Introduction to Electronics with BOE Shield-Bot curriculum provides an excellent opportunity to learn and apply a variety of STEM skills which include engineering, electronics, math, physics, C programming, and computer technology. It is also great as a hands-on lab to accompany an introductory robotics, digital electronics, or C programming course. See in Store

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STEM Lab Station


We Make it Easy to Teach and Learn STEM with Robots.

Every child is ready to learn through exploration; this adventure is for each of them. Our packages are designed to make it easy to teach STEAM topics using fun robots.  The curriculum includes online active learning lessons, videos, 3D models with step by step instructions, worksheets, quizzes, and other items which support self-paced instruction. Students are fully engaged with the hands-on robots and programming activities. Everything needed to successfully teach is included.  Our self-paced curriculum is online and paired with robot kits, storage boxes, batteries, and spare parts. We also offer tools for teachers, teacher training, and support.


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