A STEM Pathway for K-12 with Robotics, Coding, and NGSS Engineering

Robots are the Trojan Horse method of engaging students in STEM! Parents love the STEM career opportunities, and schools find their classes fill up fast with the courses in the Exploring Robotics K-12 STEM and Coding Pathway. 

Your school can offer a complete STEM K-12 Pathway, or fill in the gaps with STEM labs for the grades that don't currently have STEM or coding solutions. With our courses in grades K-12, we provide Physical Science, Earth Science, Computer Science (coding), Technology, and Engineering that many programs need.

To get started, choose a robot by grade and ask for a quote, or contact us for any questions.


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With our pathway, students are prepared for the future with a strong foundation in STEM concepts aligned to state standards.





See these flyers for more information on how our courses align to NGSS STEM and Engineering Standards: 

K-2    3-5     6-8     9-12 




Why choose the Exploring Robotics STEM Pathway? 


  • We cover a 5E Instructional model using worksheets, lesson plans, videos, and assessments


  • 21st Century Skills are embedded in every course: critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, creativity, and engineering


  • Technical support is included to answer any tech questions as they arise





Prepare Your Students for Innovational STEM Careers


Kids have an innate curiosity in STEM concepts that naturally draw them to robotics. With a hands-on, project-based curriculum packed into an engaging format, students can connect their education to the world beyond the classrooom which will prepare them for success in college, their career, and life. Topics include:




Physical Science, Earth Science, NGSS Engineering Design Process, Cross-Cutting Concepts, Computer Science, and more.



Systems, Algorithms, Programming, Coding (Javascript, Python, C), Troubleshooting, Problem solving, and more.



Robots, Electronics, Sensors and Control systems (Arduino, MicroBit, Raspberry Pi), Engineering Design Cycle, and more.



Numerical Expression, Patterns and Relationships, Measurements, Equations, Geometry, Algebra, Graphing, Data analysis, and more.



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Professional Development


Included in our curriculum are virtual sessions to help you with getting started, setting up technology, operating robots, planning lessons to fit schedules, and learning to code.

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  • Most classroom packages are under $5,000 for a class of 20 to 30 students.

  • Our packages include the curriculum, STEM lab station materials, PD, and customer support.

  • Online, easy to teach lessons with step-by-step instruction accessible from any device either in-class or remote. K-5 are teacher led lessons and 6-12 are self-paced, personalized lessons.  Flexible for classrooms, clubs, or afterschool programs with 40+ hours of modular activities. 

  • Our license is per STEM lab (only number of students signing in, not all students in the school). This provides flexibility for scheduling and substantial savings when compared to other STEM programs.




Interested? Choose a robot by grade or contact us for any questions!


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