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Smart homes with littleBits

Students explore and build Smart Home control devices and learn the fundamentals of control. Engaged in engineering design, they create a wide range of projects . They communicate with cloud based Apps and use Twitter, Gmail, and Smart phones to control their inventions.

They learn how Smart Home controls are created and programmed with Arduino microcontrollers and easy electronics.

  • ACTIVATE ANYWHERE: Turn your inventions on from across the room or across the world with cloud connections.
  • SYNC DEVICES: Use your phone, tablet, or Apple Watch to control inventions. Connect inventions to existing smart devices like Nest and Phillips HUE.
  • CONNECT TO SOCIAL: Trigger inventions with web services like Facebook, Gmail & Twitter using IFTTT (If This Then That)
  • ENDLESS INVENTING: Find thousands of additional invention instructions online & on the app.
  • IT'S ALL REUSABLE: Reuse your Bits in unlimited ways to create new, imaginative inventions.




Curriculum Resources

Student self-directed learning includes online lessons with 30 min activities, worksheets, videos, step by step instructions, handouts, enrichment exercises, engineering notebooks, and links to online resources.

Teachers are provided PD, support, lesson plans, self-paced comprehensive lessons, answer keys, grading rubrics, handouts, and links to online resources. 


Curriculum + PD + Support = Success



What can students invent?

REMOTE CAT FEEDER: When away, show your cat you care with a WIFI-activated treat dispenser.
SMART FRIDGE: Get notified if your fridge door is left open for too long.
COFFEE CONTROL: Use your phone to remotely turn on any brand of coffee maker.
TOILET PAPER INVENTORY: When someone takes the last roll of TP, get a text to buy some more.
LAUNDRY DONE ALERT: Get your laundry while it's hot! Receive a text message when your laundry dryer buzzes.
WIRELESS LIGHTING: Turn your home lighting on or off remotely from anywhere in the world!
SMART AC UNIT: Monitor and control the temperature of your home by turning on fan or AC remotely.
BARK TRACKER: If Fido barks too much, you'll get a text. To calm him, text back to play an audio clip of your voice.
DOORBELL ANSWERING MACHINE: Get a text when your doorbell rings, and respond by playing a voice recording
UNDERCOVER ART: Turn decorative artwork into a spy that senses when someone is in front of it and alerts you. It sounds an alarm and turns on a lamp, scaring the intruder away.
YOU'VE GOT MAIL: Every time you get an important email, a sound clip plays from the synth speaker.
GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE: An alarm clock to wake you up at sunrise by opening curtains and playing your favorite song.
WEATHER DASHBOARD: Monitor current and forecasted weather data with littleBits and a little coding.

Create Electronic Circuits in a snap!

Color-coded and instantaneous. What usually requires days to breadboard will only take seconds to make with littleBits. The modules have magnets that snap together instead of wires.

Color-coded: Modules are grouped into four categories:

  • POWER (blue) is needed at the start of every circuit.
  • INPUT (pink) modules accept input from you or the environment and send signals to the modules that follow.
  • OUTPUT (green) modules DO something– light up, buzz, move...
  • WIRE (orange) modules expand your reach and change direction.


littleBits Arduino Coding Kit

Finally! A resource-rich intro to coding in the classroom that's easy to teach & engages students through an activity they love: making and playing games. 

Includes 4 games to invent and code and over 100 Activities.  Students learn the Arduino Scratch language while building fun circuits and making interactive games. Step by Step tutorials make it easy for students to easily build an invention and write the code to control it.

Use the Coding Kit for the Hour of Code, a Makerspace, or in the classroom and watch as students are amazed at how they can build and code an invention in just minutes.  There are tutorials for getting started with setup, sequence, control, logic, inputs, outputs, loops, variables and functions. 



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