littleBits STEAM

littleBits STEAM Education Kit

is the easiest way to integrate powerful hands-on learning into your classroom. Each kit includes everything you need to engage students and develop their 21st-century skills in inventing using simple electronics for control.

  • STANDARDS: Aligns with NGSS , Math, ELA , ISTE
  • EASY: No electronics experience is necessary. Educators of every level can bring STEAM learning to life.
  • GROUP OR SOLO: Works for classroom & makerspace instruction or independent learning.


Curriculum Resources

Student self-directed learning includes over 20 hours of online lessons for grades 3-8 with 15-30 min activities, videos, step by step instructions, worksheets, handouts, enrichment exercises, invention logs, and links to online resources. Teachers are provided PD, support, lesson plans, comprehensive lessons, answer keys, grading rubrics, handouts, standards, and links to online resources.

Curriculum + PD + Support = Success



Create Electronic Circuits in a snap!

Color-coded and instantaneous. What usually requires days to breadboard will only take seconds to make with littleBits. The modules have magnets that snap together instead of wires.

Color-coded: Modules are grouped into four categories:

  • POWER (blue) is needed at the start of every circuit.
  • INPUT (pink) modules accept input from you or the environment and send signals to the modules that follow.
  • OUTPUT (green) modules DO something– light up, buzz, move...
  • WIRE (orange) modules expand your reach and change direction.





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