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BOE Shield-Bot Packages (Grades 10-12)

BOE Shield-Bot Packages (Grades 10-12)
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BOE Shield-Bot Curriculum: Robot Activities - Single User License
For teacher evaluations or those who already have a BOE Shield-Bot and would like lessons to help ex..
BOE Shield-Bot for Arduino
Our very popular Robotics Shield Kit is a complete package that includes an Ardu..
BOE Shield-Bot Storage Box
Storage Case for BOE Shield-Bot. This compact toolbox has easy-access compartments on top for s..
BOE Shield-Bot Teacher Professional Development
Professional Development for the BOE Shield-Bot Robot and Curriculum.  Interactive one-on-one ..
Boe-Bot and BOE Shield-Bot Teacher Toolkit
These handy tools are great for classroom teachers to use to help students debug issues as they aris..
Remote Control
This is the controller that is used in the IR Remote for the Boe-Bot and BOE Shield-Bot. It is a 3 b..

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