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Scribbler Classroom 10 Pack

Scribbler Classroom 10 Pack
Scribbler Classroom 10 Pack Scribbler Classroom 10 Pack Scribbler Classroom 10 Pack
Product Code: ER-Scrib-10Pack
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For a class of 10 to 20 students, Grades 6-8 (Middle School). Everything needed to teach coding, math, and science with a fun robot.  Girls and boys delight in programming Scribbler robots to draw amazing things, dance the Hokey Pokey (or other dance routines) flash lights, and complete science and math lessons disguised as fun projects.  The hole in the center holds a pen to draw, and students must use math to control the robot and create their drawing. Blocky language is used for coding and the robot is connected to a computer via a USB port. Rechargeable battery is included, and a USB connector (similar to cell phone) is used for charging.

Note: Curriulum and Teacher PD are not included in this package, but are Highly recommended.

Scribbler Class 10 Package Includes:

  • 10 Qty Scribbler S3 Robots 
  • 2 Qty USB battery chargers
  • 10 Qty  Scribbler Accessory Kits. 10 stackable Boxes (Each plastic box (16x12x6") contains Whiteboard, 3 Dry Erase markers, 40 Sheet drawing pad, Set of 8 colored sharpie markers, Clear Ruler, 16' measuring tape, roll of line following tape, LED flashlight with batteries). Everything needed to successfully complete the drawing, measuring, and robot control activities. Plus the box is large enough to also store the Scribbler robot. Each box has a label to make them unique. Teams are assigned one box, each team  can come into class, pick up their box, and get started with their activities for the day.

Read more about this robot .

Operating System
Operating System: PC with Windows (XP/Vista/7) and Internet access to download the software.
Programming Language: The Scribbler 2 graphic programming is a puzzle-like environment similar to Scratch. The robot can also be programmed with Python or Spin (a C language). The benefits and flexibility of Spin in multi-core systems provides easy compartmentalization of S2 subroutines that run concurrently with shared memory. Controlling motors, managing sensors, and interfacing with the hacker port can be done concurrently even while playing sound; the Propeller Chip inside the robot makes it all possible.
size and weight: 7.4 x 6.25 x 3.2 in (188 x 158.8 x 81 mm)
Battery type: 6 AA alkaline or NiMH batteries, not included.

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