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HomeSchool and Self Study Materials

HomeSchool and Self Study Materials

When children come in contact with robots it’s like the robot has magic tentacles that reach out and pull the child’s imagination in. The child begins to see and make new connections to Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Math,(STEAM) but more importantly to a new world of possibilities - connections to new and exciting paths previously unknown that may someday be their future. They discover skills and capabilities that lay dormant within themselves and powers of possibility.

Your children can learn coding and high-wage job skills with fun robots and our easy to use lessons. Every child is ready to learn through exploration, this adventure is for each of them. We have collected the best of the breed in robots to nurture imaginations and potential. We offer robots that fit children at every stage of development from pre K to post 12. We offer a combination of robots plus curriculum that is assured to stimulate and match a child’s potential.

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Cubelets Single Bundle - Cubes with Curriculum
Cubelets Single Bundle Curiosity Set with Curriculum for Grades K-5 for teacher trial or H..
$499.00 $375.00
Airblock Drone  Single Bundle - Starter Kit with Curriculum
Airblock Drone with Curriculum for Grades 6-9 at 25% discount - great for Teacher Trial or Home..
$349.00 $260.00
Boe-Bot Single Bundle - Robot with Curriculum
Boe-Bot Robot Kit with Individual Curriculum 1 year License for Grades 8-10.  For teacher trial..
$449.00 $335.00
Codey Rocky Single Bundle - Starter Kit with Curriculum
Codey Rocky with Curriculum for grades 3-7, at 25% discount for Homeschool and Teacher trials. Code..
$349.00 $260.00
Dash Single Bundle with Curriculum
Dash Robot with Curriculum for Grades K-5 at 25% Discount.  Note: This item is on back order a..
$395.00 $296.00
Ozobot Evo Bundle - Robot with Curriculum
For Homeschool and Teacher trials, grades 4-8, at 25% discount. The lessons are fun and make it..
Scribbler Single Bundle - Starter Kit with Curriculum
Scribbler S3 Robot with Curriculum Bundle at 30% discount for grades 5-8. Great for homeschool or a ..
Boe-Bot Engineering Single Bundle with Curriculum
This is an add-on engineering kit for Boe-Bot with lessons on how to put the parts together and prog..
$525.00 $425.00

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