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Home School Elementary Packages (grades K-5)

Home School Elementary Packages (grades K-5)

Homeschool robots and STEAM curriculum for grades K-5.  These adorable and fun robots will engage students in math and science topics, and help them learn coding - a necessary skill for the 21st Century. Lessons also are included for art, music, writing, and even history!

With our curricula, parents can ensure that children are learning and not just playing with robots.  The lessons are both online and in a printed book to help plan activities. 

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Cubelets Activity Cards
The Cubelets Activity Cards are designed for classrooms, makerspaces, tinker labs, or anywhere that ..
Cubelets Single Bundle - Cubes with Curriculum
Cubelets Single Bundle Curiosity Set with Curriculum for Grades K-5 for teacher trial or H..
$499.00 $375.00
Cubelets® Brilliant Builder Pack
Assembled for eager inventors, the Brilliant Builder Pack includes 19 SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelets..
Cubelets® Curiosity Set
Fuel curiosity with Cubelets® robot blocks. Make more robots with the new Curiosity Set. The Cubelet..
Cubelets® Discovery Set
Cubelets® are the world's first robot blocks. Make, create, and reinvent your own robot construction..
Dash Single Bundle with Curriculum
Dash Robot with Curric. License for Grades K-5 at 25% Discount. Great for homeschools or for Teache..
$395.00 $296.00
Dot Creativity Kit
Dot is a clever little robot with multiple sensors and a quirky personality that powers the Do-It-Yo..
GoPiGo Robot Starter Kit
Assembly time: 30 minutes What’s included? GoPiGo2 Base Kit Raspberry Pi 3 GoPiGo Se..
LittleBits STEAM Student Set
This littleBits STEAM education kit is a great way to engage students in inventing and engineering c..
Ozobot bit 2.0 - 1 Pack - Robot with Accessories
One Ozobot with Accessories Includes: One Ozobot 2.0 robot Ozobot markers, Clear plastic ruler,..
Ozobot Bit Bundle - Robot with Accessory Kit and Curriculum
Home school and teacher trial package for Grades 3-5 at a 35% discount.. The lessons are fun and mak..
Ozobot Dual Pack Bundle - Robots with Curriculum
Two Ozobot Robots with Curriculum Single Teacher License for Grades 3-6. Great for Teacher trial or..
Ozobot Evo Bundle - Robot with Curriculum
For Homeschool and Teacher trials, grades 4-8, at 30% discount. The lessons are fun and make it..
$349.00 $237.00
Ozobot Evo, Crystal White
Product Description: This smart and social robot introduces a whole new way for gamer..
Ozobot Evo, Titanium Black
This smart and social robot introduces a whole new way for gamers and learners ages 8 and ..

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