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Engage your students in STEM blended and remote learning with hands-on science, coding and robots.  Easy to implement solutions for every grade.  Learn More

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Coding with Robots

Online lessons viewable from any device. Learn coding with hands-on robots. Home school lessons with robots engage the whole famly with fun activities. Learn More

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CS/STEM Lab Stations

Work alone or encourage teamwork and collaboration with 2 to 3 students at a CS/STEM Lab station. Turn-key solutions for classes, makerspaces, camps, afterschool, or clubs. Learn More

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CS/STEM Courses

Integrate STEM and coding into any subject in grades K-5. Create high-demand CS/STEM courses in grades 6-12. Every course includes coding with robots or inventions. Learn More  

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Any teacher can become a STEM teacher with personalized, hands-on, blended PD. Active learning of PBL pedagogy, coding, and engineering design. Learn More


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Elementary (Grades K-5)

Explore coding, engineering, and problem solving with fun robots and STEAM Curriculum Units. 
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High (Grades 9-12)

STEM for CTE - Engage students with Computer Science, Electronics, and Engineering combined with real job skills.
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middle school robots

Middle (Grades 6-8)

Activate learning with fun robots, curriculum, and hands-on activities for STEM labs, science, and coding.
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Home School & Self-Study

Robots with self-paced lessons for K-12 coding, science, electronics, and engineering self-study.
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K-12 CS/STEM Lab Stations

What is a STEM Lab? It's where students do hands-on learning. Think of it like a science lab but without all the custom equipment and special benches. Create a STEM lab in the back of a class, an old computer lab, a library, a cafeteria, or anywhere you have tables and chairs. At home; provide One to one robots with student lab stations in a plastic box for easy transport paired with online self-paced lessons accessed on a Chromebook, tablet, or laptop. 

CS/STEM Lab Stations are ready-to-go, turn-key STEM programs that include online Curriculum with printed Teacher Guide books, coding Apps, robots, spare parts, charging stations, plastic storage boxes with math tools, art materials, and accessories to complete hands-on activities and in-class competitions.  Students can work alone or in teams of 2 to 3. Purchase one Teacher Station and enough Student Stations to fit each class size. Use with existing Chromebooks, Tablets, laptops, or we can provide robot controllers ;-)

CS/STEM Lab Stations are great for classrooms, after school, makerspaces, camps, clubs, online learning and homeschool; with customized lesson plans for each. Teachers (or parents) don't have to be an expert in coding or engineering, those are included as step-by-step instruction. Lessons integrate math, science, technology, and coding with fun robots and hands-on activities. Ready to implement modular lesson plans with 15 to 25 minute activities, aligned to standards, provide 40+hrs of STEM fun, follow the 5-E learning model, includes videos, slides, handouts, worksheets, and assessments. Teachers are supported with personalized PD and technical support throughout the term. 

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PD and Support for Teachers

Teachers need more than just robots.  Science and Math teachers can integrate coding and engineering into classrooms, but only when they have the background knowledge, pedagogy and are supported with coaching sessions and integrated STEM lessons. PD and coaching is now available for educators on how to setup and conduct CS/STEM online courses. 

Exploring Robotics professional learning sessions help teachers collaborate together to create projects where robots and drones are used to engage students. Engineering design and computer science concepts are introduced along with project based learning (PBL) and the inquiry method of teaching. Tips are provided for how to organize classrooms, encourage group collaboration, and use the 5E model to teach science concepts.  

Professional learning sessions are in a blended format that is easy to schedule; using 1 to 2 hr live video chat and online resources. Teachers experience learning as students and walk away with ready to implement integrated STEM lessons and projects to apply science, math, and ELA in real-world scenarios with a robot or drone. 

Professional Learning Packages

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K-12 Coding and STEM Pathway

Your school can offer a complete online STEM K-12 Pathway, or fill in the gaps for grades that don't currently have STEM or coding solutions with Exploring Robotics Units in K-5 and Elective Courses in 6-12. One online course can often meet CTE requirements, CS K-12 requirements, plus the Physical Science and Engineering requirements for many states.

Each grade can have hands-on STEM labs that integrate the CSTA-K12 and NGSS standards into science and math with projects.  These robots, drones, and STEM kits are rugged for classroom use and have apps to fit the level of computer science concepts for each grade. 

This STEM pathway provides a progression of computer science and engineering design concepts. The lessons have been aligned to grade level math and science standards, to make it easier to implement as supplemental materials.  

K-12 STEM & Coding Pathway

3dbook with codey rocky 500xmTiny brings computer programming into children’s real life, using coding cards and map blocks. PK-2nd grade lessons and teacher guide included. For homeschool or teacher trial.

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3dbook with codey rocky 500xOzobot Evo follows colored lines, makes sounds, flashes lights. Teach coding with 3rd-5th grade online lessons and teacher guide. For homeschool or teacher trial.

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3dbook with codey rocky 500xThis UKIT gives you the creativity to create over 38 different bots. Teach engineering and coding with 9th-12th grade online student lessons and teacher guide. For homeschool or teacher trial.

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Dash is adorable and says the cutest things, a fun way to learn coding.  2nd-4th grade online lessons and teacher guide included. For homeschool or teacher trial.

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3dbook with codey rocky 500xmBot is like a smart car; it drives, avoids objects, follows lines. Teach coding with 5th-7th grade online lessons and teacher guide. For home school or teacher trial.

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3dbook with codey rocky 500xChampbot robot is the ultimate team player. Compete in basketball and soccer tournaments while teaching coding. 6th-8th grade online student lessons and teacher guide. Available for trial.

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3dbook with codey rocky 500xCodey Rocky has fun adventures and goes to Mars. Teach coding with 3rd-5th grade online lessons and teacher guide included. For homeschool or teacher trial.

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3dbook with codey rocky 500xScribbler S3 robot draws, follows lines and light, runs mazes. Teach coding with 5th-7th grade online lessons and teacher guide. For homeschool or teacher trial.

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3dbook with codey rocky 500xBoe Shield-Bot robot avoids obstacles, follows bots, runs mazes. Teach C coding, electronics, robotics. 9th-12th grade online student lessons and teacher guide. For homeschool or teacher trial.

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Exploring Robotics with mTiny

A STEM Lab with mTiny and Screen-Free Coding for grades PK-2


STEAM and Screen-Free Coding with Robots 

Introduce math, language arts, social-emotional concepts, and computational thinking with an engaging robot  that comes with games, a pen controller, books, puzzles and Curricula lessons. 

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mTiny is a perfect educational robot for kids aged 4+ to learn to creatively code. To spark the interest of preschool-aged children, mTiny offers fun interactive games to foster their logical thinking and problem solving skills.

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mTiny package

What's Included in the mTiny Kit?


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CR AD 1047 V2 2

 Teach math, language arts, literacy, and enhance physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development with mTiny Curricula!

Screen-Free Coding

mTiny offers screen-free multi-sensory learning: no external mobile phones or tablet PCs are required to work with mTiny, making it a screen free coding solution. mTiny enables children to engage different senses to increase attention and explore the world around them.

Interact with the Map for fun and Learning: mTiny comes with a tap pen controller and an interactive map which distinguishes it from other products. They are easy to use. Combined with a range of coding games for different levels, this remote controlled educational robot kit interacts with young children to spark their passion for discovery and learning computational thinking.

 makeblock APP

Children tap the easy to hold pen controller and use picture cards to control the robot movement. mTiny receives instructions and starts moving, then identifies locations and responds to the interactive map. 

codey rocky detects colorsThe innovative tap-to-code interaction system and interesting storybook drive kids’ interest in learning.

Engage with mTiny STEM labs 

The materials for mTiny is turn-key STEM Lab Stations for 1 to 3 students. As part of making this easy for teachers, we have assembled everything needed:

  • STEM Station v2 smallRobot: mTiny is pre-assembled and ready to use with internal rechargeable batteries. Plug in like a cell phone to recharge it.
  • Pen Controller: Easy to hold pen with a few buttons makes it easy to control the robot with no Tablets or screen devices required.
  • Materials: Maps, puzzle pieces, books, and direction cards to complete the lessons are included. 
  • Lessons: Color printed books to engage students, additional resources and a Teacher Guide with 14 prepared lessons are included.
  • Device: none required
  • Teacher Lab Station: with all of the above, plus online STEAM Curriculum license, printed Teacher Guide book, lesson plans, assessment tools, teacher resources, battery chargers, class materials for activities, and support.

Learn More about STEM Labs

STEM Teacher Professional Development is personalized, job-embedded, classroom-focused. Includes use of robots, coding, application of STEM concepts, and customized lesson plans to fit goals, learning environment, and schedules.  Easy to schedule video conference sessions with no travel. Learn More

Teacher Support is provided throughout the term to make sure teachers are comfortable with the lessons, robots, and coding concepts.

mTiny STEM Curriculum

Teacher-led lessons are in game and story-book themes and provide hours of STEAM and coding with cross-curricula, hands-on activities (grades PK-2). The 14 included lessons are approx 55 minutes each with activities in 15-30 minutes that are flexible for classes, clubs, after-school, or camps.

Cross-curricular Content: mTiny Curricula introduces young children to math and music. Designed (in alignment) with modern educational philosophies in mind, mTiny finds a better way to spark children's curiosity for knowledge and develop their logical thinking from an early age.  The Curricula book includes Physical, Cognitive, and Social-emotional competencies as well as coding, math, and language arts.

Developing early literacy and numeracy through hands-on activities, the curricula has been designed to help educators learn, plan, and implement joyful robotics activities in early years settings. The printed Teacher Guide is suitable for educators with or without experience of programming or computer science. It is adaptable, flexible, and easy to use. The guide not only explains some of the basic programming concepts but also offers example STEAM learning activities using mTiny.

  • Science: Apply NGSS science concepts: Waves: Light and Sound;  Engineering Design; Structure, Function, and Information Processing
  • Technology: Apply CSTA-K-2 Coding; Students analyze problems, use logic and develop reasoning, use sequence, loops, events, conditionals, understand human-robot interactions, cultural and social interactions, and algorithms.
  • Engineering:  Apply NGSS engineering design concepts with robots.
  • Arts: Read picture books, create models and drawings, create music, follow multi-step procedures, write explanatory texts.
  • Math: Reason abstractly and solve multi-step real world problems, number sense, counting, symbols, spatial sense, shapes and patterns, parts and wholes, sets and groups, sorting and categorizing, sequencing, comparison.

Standards aligned to NGSS CS ISTE CC

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CR AD 1251 V2

mTiny follows directions of the picture cards. Tap the Control Pen to tell mTiny what to do for each step.

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