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Ozobot Washable Markers

Ozobot Washable Markers
Brand: Ozobot
Product Code: ER-Ozo-Mark
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Price: $6.95
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Ozobot Washable Markers optimized for drawing lines and color codes for Ozobot 1.0 and Ozobot Bit.

  • Black, red, green and blue colors have been optimized specifically for Ozobot robots.
  • You can use any plain white paper to draw paths and mazes for Ozobot.
  • Draw OzoCodes - different combinations of black, red, green and blue segments along black lines - to control Ozobot's behavior and make it do cool moves.
  • Unleash your imagination to create amazing worlds and playgrounds for your Ozobot to explore.
Tags: Ozobot

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