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GrovePi and Accessories (Grades 8-12)

GrovePi and Accessories (Grades 8-12)

Explore STEM, engineering, inventing and coding! Collect data from a large variety of sensors and control devices based on sensor data using code  The curriculum provides projects to complete to get to know each of the sensors, and also provides instruction on coding and the Raspberry Pi computer to control the devices.  Great for an introduction to engineering, inventing or coding course or for makerspaces and STEM labs. 

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Raspberry Pi Power Supply
Description This Raspberry Pi power supply provides power for your Raspberry Pi from the wall. Plug..
SD Card for GoPiGo or GrovePi with Raspbian for Robots
The easiest way to get started with our Raspberry Pi products is to get this SD card that comes..
GrovePi Base Kit with Curriculum (No Raspberry Pi)
GrovePi Base Kit helps students build their own smart devices (grades 6-10) and begin exploring the ..
Line Follower for GoPiGo
Description The Line Follower attaches to your GoPiGo robot car and enables you to pr..
Servo Package for the GoPiGo
What’s included? Servo motor Servo mount mounting hardware acrylic plate to attach an&nb..
Speaker for the Raspberry Pi
Speaker for the Raspberry Pi The Speaker for the Raspberry Pi robot gives your Raspberry Pi robot a..
Grove Button
This is a button that works with the GrovePi & GoPiGo robot kits. Use t..
Grove Buzzer
The Buzzer is a great way to indicate something is happening with your GrovePi or&nbs..
Grove Infrared Sensor
Description Use this infrared receiver to control the GrovePi or GoPiGo robot car with a remote..
Grove LED – Blue
Use the Blue LED to program a visual alert on your GrovePi or GoPiGo robot ..
Grove LED – Green
Green means go! Use the Green LED to program a visual alert on your GrovePi or G..
Grove LED – Red
Red means stop! Use the Red LED to program a visual alert on your GrovePi or GoP..
Grove LED – White
Use the White LED to program a visual alert on your GrovePi or GoPiGo robot..
Grove Light Sensor
Light sensors detect light intensity, allowing you to program your GrovePi or GoPiGo&..
Grove PIR Motion Sensor
The Motion Sensor allows your GrovePi or GoPiGo robot car to detect motion and react based on what h..

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