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How can I determine which leveled UKIT is the best fit for my classroom?

In general, UKIT Beginner is recommended for students who are new to robotics and coding, and is appropriate for elementary and middle school. UKIT Intermediate is recommended for elementary and middle school, and UKIT Advanced is recommended for middle and high school. The UKIT levels are designed to provide a progression of tools and challenges to support the advancement of students' STEM and coding skills from elementary to high school.


Do I need to purchase any additional hardware or software beyond the UKIT to get started?

All parts and pieces to build your UKIT Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced robots are included in the kit - no additional pieces are required. However, a compatible iOS, Android, or Chromebook device is required in order to operate the UKIT app for UKIT Beginner and Intermediate. The UKIT app is free to download. The UKIT Advanced requires uCode to operate. uCode is a browser-based system compatible with most computers that can access the Internet, including Chromebooks. Recommended to run in Google Chrome. uCode is not mobile compatible.


Do I need to download the UKIT app in order to operate my UKIT Beginner and Intermediate robots?

No. The UKIT Advanced robots are operated using a web programming environment called uCode. To access uCode, visit


Are all the UKIT parts compatible with each other?

Yes, all parts and pieces are compatible across UKITs. However, the main control board included in UKIT Beginner and Intermediate can only be operated using the UKIT app and the UKIT Explore board included in UKIT Advanced can only be operated using uCode.



Distance range

Within 10m (in open areas)

Battery time




1800mAh Li-Po

Input voltage


Input current



2.4GHz wireless


S5 Box