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Control with Remote or Apps

Students control the robot first with a remote, then with code. They build Apps to communicate with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi systems which control the robot. A Bluetooth connection sends the code to the Robot.

  • Makes an excellent capstone project where students apply what was learned in prior robotics and coding classes.
  • The robot and camera can be controlled and monitored through a WIFI system.
  • Project Based Learning (PBL) guides students through real-world scenarios and open-ended projects where they design and code their own solutions to problems.


Build and Control a Mobile Robot

Students build and control a rugged mobile robot that has the same features of larger robots used in industry and by NASA.

  • Operate the robot first with a remote control like a car, then program it or control it with an App on a SMART device.
  • Sensors mean it avoids obstacles and operates autonomously.
  • A robot arm is used to pick up and move objects, deliver small items, or to simulate mobile robot use in security situations, Mars construction projects, or factories and warehouses.
  • A security HD camera mounted to the robot provides a wide field of view in daylight or low light conditions.
  • The camera connects to WIFI and provides video footage viewable from a SMART phone, PC, or Tablet.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker let you hear what happens around the camera and talk back through a SMART device.
  • Wireless, real-time video and two-way audio feeds allow the robot to act as a mobile camera platform, public announcement system, and remote communication tool.
  • Assemble this rugged robot from kits. This means the robot can be disassembled and used for several years.



Six DOF Advanced Robotic Arm

  • Quick to assemble with screws (and video directions).
  • Rotatable Gripper can pick up and move objects.
  • Capable of advanced kinematics positioning control.
  • Smart servos with a high torque ratio (max. torque 25kg-cm).
  • Use Motion/Motor Editor Programming Software, Remote Control, or Arduino C code to control the arm.

Rugged 6 Wheel Drive Chassis

  • The all terrain robot chassis is made from 2mm thick anodized aluminum plate with stainless steel and nickel plated brass fittings, for long-lasting use.
  • Spiked large-diameter rubber tractor tires and a "Super Twist" suspension system to keep all wheels on the ground: this chassis lets the robot go almost anywhere! 
  • The 6 powerful steel geared motors with high torque and the dual drive motor controller provides precise control of the robot using a remote control or programmed action.


robotic arm intro 3 r

Robot arm can grasp, rotate, and place objects
using six smart servos that remember positions.


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